A “Cool” Give-A-Way Results

Hello members of RPF :D..  It is that time!  The winner of my last post’s Give-A-Way has been picked.  To avoid a biased selection, I used a website called Random Thing Picker to automatically select a winner.  Without further adieu, the winner is…


Congratulations Ult!  You will be given the code my either myself, or a trusted assistant :D.

For proof that Ult was the winner, look at the picture below:

As always, it was a pleasure to serve with all of you *salute*

-78562cool, RPF Legend and Ex- 1ic

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3 comments on “A “Cool” Give-A-Way Results
  1. gionna4 says:

    Congrats Ultipenguinj on winning.

  2. RebelForce says:

    Congrats Ulti! As always luck hates me….

  3. ultipenguinj says:

    Yaaaaay, thanks guys. And thanks, Cool.

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