RPF Week In Review

I am extremely proud of RPF this week. Here are some major points:

  1. We won the Christmas Chaos tournament against RF
  2. 9 AR Servers are now a part of the USRPF due to the great success of our invasions.
  3. RPF now has a nation of 33 confirmed servers.
  4. We have a new leader, second in command, and 3ic.
  5. The war is over between DW and RPF!

AC 4

Click Read More to see more pics of an amazing week!

AC 1

AC 2

AC 3

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5 comments on “RPF Week In Review
  1. Tax1 says:


  2. Silverburg says:

    Amazing week RPF!

  3. seanpaul08 says:

    Amazing week RPF, let’s keep it up in the future!

  4. Yes I’ve made it to xmas chaos round 1, keep up the good work rpf. 😀

  5. RebelForce says:

    Amazing week RPF it’s a shame not to be in one od the pictures (me) 😦

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