Thank You.

Hello Rebel Penguin Federation.

This is LilStar here. I am proud to be elected as your new RPF Rebel Commander.

For RPF to work effectively, we need all members, moderators and owners to support one another to be able to grow. Each troop in RPF plays such an important role and everyone has the ability to make a difference and continue fighting the good fight. I hope to make everyone proud in RPF.

Here are some elaborate goals of mine I hope to accomplish as leader in RPF. Comment below what you would like to see more of in RPF.

My goals in RPF are:

1. To create a strong sense of communication between all the troops in the Rebel Penguin Federation. 

Communication is key throughout the whole army. We base our decisions on what the army wants.

a. I want all  RPF members to have a voice and not be threatened or demoted by anyone else for having that voice.

 b. I will encourage frequent owner meetings to discuss the future of RPF to create the best outcome for RPF.

2. Peace

There have been a lot of misconceptions in RPF and in other armies as well.

a. I hope to resolve any issues regarding the misconceptions of the army. 

b. I wish to create peace with our future/present/past “enemies” and settle on an agreement we shall BOTH live happily on.

3. Rewarding experiences one shall truly acquire.

We must reward our hard working troops. This is YOUR time that you share into RPF. YOU are the reasons this army is here where we stand today. YOU are the reason we fight the good fight to overcome any obstacle in CP armies.

a. Promotion days will be available for our HARDWORKING, DEDICATED troops only and I will give out promotions to those who attend promo events.

Not one troop should be forgotten or feel alienated. We are the RPF. We are a team. I hope I can give those hard deserving troops a rank they deserve.

4. An updated Nation page

This is extremely important when other armies schedule invasions and we schedule defenses. As disputes may pile up on top of each other (and RPF has witnessed a LOT of that) having an organized Nation page will resolve most of them and know our stand point in the war without ANY conflicting statements between RPF and another army.

a. As more disputes get resolved, I will update our Nation page to be organized and with the appropriate servers RPF has received from any war/battle/cleansing.

5. Training for all new recruits. (RPFBC)

When a new recruit enters, it is quite scary to enter a whole community and not know what tactics, formations, history, and what we do!

a. I will encourage our new troops to cooperate and teach them about RPF and CP armies.

b. I will guide them to RPFBC where they can take a series of “Boot Camp” classes from experienced RPF members!

I wish to continue RPFBC with advisors Snaily and 78562Cool. I will work on continue classes and setting members  up to be the best cadets they will be

- Needed communication between ALL troops to fix any internal and external fighting
- Owner Meetings to discuss the future of RPF's path
- Creating Peace and joining other armies as their ally
- PROMOTION days and promos for troops for promo events.
- Updated Nation Page
- Training/Recruiting Events for New Recruits


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10 comments on “Thank You.
  1. ultipenguinj says:

    Yep, definitely Snaily version 2

  2. Good Luck Lil! May the Force be with you on your leadership. May you also be just as good as Elmikey, or better, if that’s even possible… EH! I’m sure anything’s possible, and Elmikey is wishing you luck, along with the rest of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

  3. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:

    Lil, I am proud that you are my “Heir.” You will do wonders to RPF :D. Kik my about RPFBC, let me see if I can’t make you admin and help you get it off its feet.

  4. crose003 says:

    ^the heir of slytherin will rise once more…..>:)
    lol i just had to say that. good post though we definitely need a better nations page

  5. brigade3 says:

    I was demoted because of my voice 😦

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: What??? Please see me asap and we will discuss this. I’m not sure what is going on, but I really want to hear from you. Thanks!

  6. RebelForce says:

    A more updated and new RPF, when a new leader comes around changes are made and honestly I think this will be a 100% good change 😀

  7. snaily5 says:

    Rebel Force, LOVE your pic. omg! ❤

  8. RebelForce says:

    Merry Early Christmas RPF!!! P.S I love cartoon characters Snaily

  9. RebelForce says:

    So there are going to be promotion days?

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