Warning to Mods [ALL MODS READ]


All moderators are at risk of being fired from RPF. We have noticed that the majority of the officers in RPF leave before scheduled events and ignore new recruits when they’re trying to join or asking questions. The moderators are hurting this army. Therefore I will have no choice but to delete you all from the ranks so then you’d have to re-apply by submitting a new join comment and we’ll give you the rank you actually deserve. You have one week to prove that you’re worthy of being an RPF Officer. That is all. As always, fight the good fight.


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11 comments on “Warning to Mods [ALL MODS READ]
  1. brigade3 says:

    I lead a UK evetnt today no owners.

  2. brigade3 says:

    Im loyal to RPF. Other officers are letting the better ones down. Im afraid I will be demoted will them. But it will be easy to get mod again , I come to all UK events.

  3. brigade3 says:

    * with

  4. junie17125 says:

    Elmikey, I have never ignored an new recruit in RPF. I am successfully serious. I am 100% sure because I did say “Welcome” to all troops. I would never ignore an new member to the family, but I did retire RPF. Until next year. So, That does it. I might be assigned back to Member, and stuff. So, I will be missing everyone for the next year, Until I get an new computer or laptop because chat isn’t working and such. I haven’t ignored one new troop in the Rebel Penguin Federation. As I am serious, and am not lying. I have shown them site, join page, and lot more things. The other mods are doing successful things like this too, but some aren’t, but I never ignore one new troop. If anyone would’ve believed then that would be I don’t know, but I never ignore any troop. Now that I cannot come to chat once and a while and is retired. I will be looking forward to come to site everyday and seeing posts and stuff to see how well you guys do. Elmikey, if you wish to fire me, fire me as you are my boss. And the president of an successful and brave Club Penguin Army. But I cannot give up with the Rebel Penguin Federation. I will return again. The 2nd time I retire, I am 100% sure that I am leaving for good, as some troops doesn’t like me and I am an disgrace to everyone that hates me, But I wish to perform good things in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Elmikey or any other RPF Leaders, if you think I am inactive, well I am not, I have retired the Rebel Penguin Federation and the 2nd time I retire, I will be gone for good, and I will totally miss everyone in this great Army that was formed in 2007.

    Farewell, and fight the good fight


  5. junie17125 says:

    Or I’d probably might not return back to the Rebel Penguin Federation, and just visit. Well you guys were my best army. Sorry to leave. But at least I can visit.

  6. Starvsblack2/Rebel Pikachu says:

    ive never done anything bad towards a new member of rpf

  7. Ghost says:

    I lead 3 events when no owners came. 2 invasions and 1 tactical training.

  8. Ghost says:

    & I recruit everyday, the troops here are fantastic, we just need more training, so when it is a battle, we can be prepared. We also need more U-lead events, because if one of them members are going to lead a battle in the future, how are they gonna know what to do?

  9. theviper2001 says:

    master Elmikey I do all i can when new members join. I only leave before a battle because i have not chouse and i must leave. Elmikey you have been there when i greet new members. you know i do what i can.*sulute* Fight the good Fight

  10. Mo10000 says:

    Elm,you may fire me,why?because i got a life,and im mostly AFK,because of many things,family homeworks,activities after school (like swimming,tennis,karate (yes i am serious) and many more sports,i am in a sports school,no comment) and of course,you WILL fire me,because of the things above ^

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Mo please come talk to me about this. Of course Family and school come first, but as a mod in RPF we need people who are active and effective. We are flexible, but if someone is not active or effective, then we need to replace them with someone who can fulfill those duties. It’s nothing personal to anyone. We are finding mods who are not doing anything in chat though and that is a concern for RPF. Mods have a duty, it’s not just a white pawn and a higher listing on the members list in RPF chat, it’s a responsibility, a duty, an honor.

  11. Mo10000 says:

    oh,the first time when Snaily (or any friking site admin/owner) edited my comment…ok Snaily,i’ll try to meet you and talk about this! 😀

    PS:right now i have been demoted with no warning,but i have been in 8 promo events as general,but nothing,could some1 like Elm,Snaily,Pj,Commando do even 1 promotion??you know what,nevermind

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