Importance of attending the upcoming events

Alright, it’s important that everyone attends this weeks events. Although the event schedules say USA, Ausia & UK we’re still ONE Undivided RPF. If you’re capable of attending ANY invasion/defense/cleansing then you need to attend. It’s us against an ENTIRE ALLIANCE, winning is possible but that’s only if EVERYONE reading these words are attending the events. We will fight and we will win, fight the good fight. RPF. I will do my best to do everything to make sure we do as good as we can. If you’re new to RPF that’s awesome but you need to become active and help out too. RPF is an army, we’re a team. We need to work together and rise up to destroy these monsters (The Army Republic, and any other army who’s invading us) 

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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