Following Orders

At today’s cleansing events on Tuxedo and Tundra I noticed a couple of soldiers, who I will not identify, not following the Leader’s orders and not doing the proper tactics or formations. 

As a quality soldier in RPF, we expect you to follow orders during battles and events to the best of your ability and will accept no less.  When you do not, you ruin the tactic’s visual appeal and impact.  It only takes one penguin to ruin the tactic, so don’t think you will go unnoticed.  Every one of you are needed in order to meet RPF’s standards of excellence we expect from our troops.  You let the rest of the army down when you goof around and don’t follow orders.  One person stated they were having issues with their keyboard so word tactics were difficult.  I can understand and that is a valid excuse for not doing the tactic, but you were still way out of formation. 

One more thing I’d like to address. During formal RPF battles and events we expect you to be in uniform. Lately I’ve been seeing people in RPF during our activities not in uniform. If you are participating, you will be in uniform. Enough said.

I don’t mean to point fingers, humiliate, or discipline (at this point), but I want to make it absolutely clear what we expect of all of you when in battle/events where we are giving specific orders for the army to follow.  If I see a repeated pattern of abuse by individuals not following orders and doing their own thing, you will certainly face disciplinary action, demotion.

Good job for those of you who followed the orders and formations today.  We looked amazing! 

~~Snaily5, RPF Advisor on android


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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2 comments on “Following Orders
  1. Richard Davis says:

    I wasn’t able to attend, unfortunately, but you make a really good point; you have to follow orders, be in uniform, and always, always respect higher ranks, simply put. You also have to give 100%, whether it is practice, or the real thing, even recruiting. I suppose I made my point.

  2. RebelForce says:

    Yeah you really are right. There are people in RPF not participating nor active on the RPF site, and I think this was a great post pointing out to the people who dont participate *wary* anyway I dont really know how I seem to other leaders/troops of this army but I hope I am one of the troops that follows the rules and orders.

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