Response to Army Republic’s Boomer

Before I start this post, I usually hate it when people make these kind of posts. However, I feel that it is needed, to show Boomer how idiotic he has been since he joined AR, and also to prove our invasion of Avalanche was valid.

Yesterday, the UK division logged onto Alpine for our invasion of Avalanche. Why didn’t we log onto Avalanche, you might ask? Because the server was full when the event started. Alpine was just 3 bars when it did, and some troops were already on that server from earlier, so it seemed like the logical thing to do.


Taken by Boomer 30 minutes after our event started

Boomer, you do realise the servers change size in 30 minutes? Just because Avalanche wasn’t full half an hour after our event started, doesn’t mean it wasn’t when it did started. The Army Republic were also informed of this server change, not that it mattered as they can barely manage 3 on CP.

Boomer: I’m sorry that you need a 5 bar server to make your UK division look significant.

Sorry, but we maxed 25, give or take maybe 2 rogues. I checked all of the rooms we went to before the army was sent there, and they were all empty. As you know perfectly well, with this party going on only the Ski Village and Party Rooms are ever full. And does the fact that everyone in our pictures was in RPF uniform prove that we didn’t have rogues? Check them against our ranks if you’d like.


I’m sorry that I couldn’t remember an invasion that happened 4 days ago, at about 1am for me. I invaded Avalanche when I saw it on AR’s server page. It’s a good recruiting server and that’s the only reason I chose it.

Yes, Owen is an idiot for saying that. He has since been demoted and given a warning for saying that. I doubt he even knows how or where to get an IP grabber. Also, would you like me to add those pictures of AR owners talking about DDoSing, hacking chats and several other activities on their chat? No, I didn’t think so.

And Boomer, if you bothered to read the results post you’d see your own moderator admitted RPF still has servers. Therefore, I declare that RPF is still a legitimate army.

Nice try Boomer 😉

~Sir Pj

RPF UK Rebel Commander

p.s. Boomer, you’re 19. Are you seriously telling me there’s nothing more important in your life than Club Penguin? At least Commando just advises, and isn’t actively involved in an army. Please do something worthwhile before I lose all respect for you.


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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12 comments on “Response to Army Republic’s Boomer
  1. owenjp2010 says:

    Sorry if i caused any confusion but what i actually meant is an Indian Penguin grabber for my new CPPS im programming. thats right. you can get a penguin based on your country with the new CPPS and also the grabbing part means getting not actually grabbing. i wanted this CPPS to be a suprise cause i made this CPPS especially for RPF. but it looks like ive had to talk about it before it was ready. its a shame i have to mention it before my CPPS for RPF was programmed and made.

  2. owenjp2010 says:

    it was supposed to be a battle simulation so u can get to adapt with which army you are fighting.

  3. owenjp2010 says:

    Plus boomer. would you like it if we had a look at your chat talking about hacking? No. you wouldnt. not to mention that you didnt even ask me what i was on about. IP can have many meanings.

  4. weatherboy1 says:

    You could say Elmikey is 18…. But that would be hypocritical on both sides of argument

  5. snaily5 says:

    Owen said that in response to me telling him about Vo Yo getting hacked beyond belief from clicking on something linked in RPF main chat. Owen was outraged that someone would do such a thing to Vo Yo or anyone in RPF and wanted to track the hacker. I was in this conversation and SHAME on the person who took that screenshot OUT OF CONTEXT. You wanna be the big man spying and trying to bring someone or RPF down, be honorable and show an ENTIRE chat screenshot. Had you done that everyone would have seen the context and known it was NOT a serious comment and it was in reaction to horrific atrocities on one of our most valuable soldiers. Your attempt to bring shame to Owen and RPF sickens me. Coward.
    Owen, this was a conversation between you and I, unless you said this another time. It took place about 11pm pst Monday, Nov 25.

  6. LOL! “p.s. Boomer, you’re 19. Are you seriously telling me there’s nothing more important in your life than Club Penguin?” Why don’t you tell that to the moron you worship and obey. Seriously crying from the lack of logic you’re presenting us with.

    Pj Edit: There’s a difference between 17 and 19, in case you didn’t know.

  7. Also, who takes a report a MOD said as an official statement from the army. Why don’t I get a mod on RPF chat to admit defeat in the war right now. Does that mean RPF lost?

    Pj Edit: I never said it was an official statement. But if a mod in RPF said anything like that you’d be all over it.

  8. owenjp2010 says:

    by the way my Indian Penguin grabber part of my CPPS isnt working right so sorry for the delay for the new CPPS im making.

  9. owenjp2010 says:

    hah and you find yourself high and mighty? all your trying to do is avoid battling us by using another way to get us. When will AR ever learn that they can’t win by using that kind of way? look AR if you want to fight us do it the fair way and not trying to avoid it the cowardly way.

  10. owenjp2010 says:

    RPF is fully functioning unlike you brainless noobs they call AR.

  11. Lmao@Ownjp, people like him keep proving just how stupid Elm has raised his soldiers to be. Elmikey was the one who told RPF to never show up to AR invasions again. It’s safe to say, we are all done dealing with this.

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