Sunday Scheduled Training Results! Keep it up!

On Sunday November 24th, 2013 the Rebel Penguin Federation logged in for it’s first scheduled event of the week. Today marks the first day of the week so let’s prove we’re the #1 army, as of today we were ranked #8. Let’s show that we’re the biggest most awesome fun army in all of CP Armies. Today marks the first day of RPF’s Winter Victory Era. Here are the results from today’s training event. RPF Achieved sizes of 25+ and averaged 23. Let’s continue to grow, keep attending scheduled events, have fun, participate, and be active! Fight the good fight.



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One comment on “Sunday Scheduled Training Results! Keep it up!
  1. Mo10000 says:

    im so proud of RPF,im glad that i am mod here,and im glad of this army,it evolved so fast,and im glad of what RPF made out of me,now im more organized,and the fun i have on CP,this army is one word:PERFECT!thenks to everyone,from guest to main,i am glad of everyone,even if he’s handicapated (talking seriously) or too mad on anyone ya know what im sayin’,im glad of this army,more than ever,keep it up,Fight The Good Fight!Fight The Good Fight!
    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Mo, we are glad you are in RPF. You’re a great soldier and an inspiration to all. We love the enthusiasm you express and it motivates people in RPF. Plus you’re a lot of fun too!

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