Week in Review

Note: The promotions I promised for UK troops will be handed out later. Sorry for the delay.

Hello RPF!

This week has been a fantastic week! We’ve seen the AUSIA division transition to a new leader, Owenjp, and have had some great sizes in all divisions! So, lets take a look shall we?


Defence of Walrus [UK]

Our first event was on Monday (obviously), and was the Defence of Walrus against Dark Warriors. This was a UK event, and the results post can be seen HERE.

Defence of Snow Fort [US]

Next, we tried to defend Snow Fort against the Army Republic. Sadly, we lost this battle, but it was great fun! The results post can be read HERE.

Press Read More To View The Rest!


RPF/DW War Ends – New allies

On Tuesday the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation and Dark Warriors agreed to end the war and become allies. Full details on this can be found HERE.

Defence of Alpine [US]

Later that day, we defended Alpine from the Army Republic. This was a successful event, and the full post can be read HERE.

Invasion of Blizzard [US]

We also invaded Blizzard from the Army Republic, who failed to show up. Please note that only a select few troops were ordered to log on for this event. It would be an easy victory and we did not need to order all of RPF to log on. Had we have done that, we would have reached around 30, judging from our chat size. Full post can be read HERE.

Battle of Ice Rink [US]

This was an unsuccessful event. Due to the laziness of some officers, we did not win this. Demotions will be given out if this happens again. Full post can be read HERE.


Invasion of Ice Palace [UK]

On Wednesday we successfully invaded Ice Palace from the Army Republic. Sadly, I could not attend this event so sizes weren’t great, but I thank Lilstar for stepping up and taking over at this event. Full post can be read HERE.


Commando717 announces his Club Penguin Warfare Rules

Thursday – Commando is a genius, am I right? Commando717, RPF Creator, 2x leader and Army Legend, announced his idea for a Rule System for all armies. His post can be read HERE.

Invasion of Snowfall [US]

Later that day, we successfully invaded Snowfall from the Army Republic. This was just one branch of RPF, which is why our sizes were smaller than usual. Full post can be read HERE.

Invasion of Fog [US]

We also invaded Fog from the Army Republic. Full post can be read HERE.

Invasion of Mittens [US]

Next we invaded Mittens from the Army Republic. This was a good event for RPF, but we can do much better. Full post can be read HERE.


Super cool event below *wary*

Invasion of Avalanche [UK]

Friday at last! Last day of school, and a great day for events. The RPF UK Division reached sizes of 20 at this event, and successfully invaded Avalanche from the Army Republic. If only they showed up to UK events… Full post can be read HERE.

Snaily5 Retires

Later that day, Snaily5, our beloved AUSIA Leader, retired from the army. I know we’ll all miss her. Read Snaily’s post HERE.

Invasion of Cozy [US]

The USRPF successfully invaded Cozy from the Army Republic nation, and the full video can be found HERE.

Invasion of Yeti [US]

To finish off Friday, we invaded Yeti from the Army Republic. Full post can be read HERE.


Favourable Leader Poll

Now to start off Saturday, Commando717 released a favourable leader poll. Every RPF troop could vote for their favourite leader, with some surprising results. If you haven’t already, vote for your favourite leader HERE or in the sidebar. See the results as of posting this by clicking HERE.

Fun battle with DCP [US/UK]

Today we had a Fun Battle with our brother allies, the Doritos of CP. The video can be found HERE, and a full post may be released soon.

Well that’s it for this week RPF. I dunno about you, but I’ve had a lot of fun this week. The UK division has continues our success from last week, and our US division has continues to do great. Overall RPF, I’d say we’ve had a good week, and I hope to do even better next week.

RPF, I salute you.

~Sir Pj

RPF UK Rebel Commander

Keep Fighting the Good Fight


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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3 comments on “Week in Review
  1. Sir Pj says:

    It’s been a great week RPF! You never disappoint me.

  2. skips489 says:

    woop woop RPF ftw!

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