Today, We See Someone Special Leave

Hello RPF :D.  As some of you may know, our beloved Snaily retired :(.  (If you wish to read her retirement post, click HERE.)  The reason why I am making this post to honor her character and attributions to RPF.  Many of you do not know how much Snaily does to keep this wonderful army afloat.  She goes out of her way, adjusting her schedule to make sure she can make it on the computer to do whatever it takes to make RPF better.

I am a very close friend of Snaily and she is the most dedicated person that I have ever met.  She will do whatever is necessary, so that someone else may have more fun down the road.  She helps everyone that asks, without hesitation.  This is a true hero, both in CP Warfare along with in real life.  If you know Snaily well, model her actions.  We should all grow up wanting to be as nice and caring as Snaily is.  Snaily, you are my role model.

For the record, I met Snaily when she first got 3ic in ACP.  I did a example post about her that allowed me to get admission into CPAC.  Ever since then we have been great friends.   In late June, I retired from all CP armies.  Then in late July I saw that Snaily was online, so I decided to PC her and catch up.  Little did I know, she was RPF leader.  I told her that I was for sure coming out of retirement and serving for her.  Lets just say that was the best decision of my CP Warfare carreer.  Without knowing Snaily, I would have never joined RPF.

On this note, I would like to dedicate my penguin (78562cool) to my amazing friend, Snaily.  Because without her, my CP career would be nothing.  I am sorry to see you go Snaily, lets make sure to always keep in touch.

Once a friend, always a friend


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5 comments on “Today, We See Someone Special Leave
  1. AHH, Snaily is a she….that explains the heart.

  2. snaily5 says:

    Nick, the honor is completely mine to be your close friend. You are my guardian angel and such an inspiration to me. You are best of the best in armies and outside armies. Thanks so much for posting this heart warming tribute. I will forever cherish our friendship and your penguin. The world is a better with you in it. Love ya brother, fellow FFF. ❤

  3. RebelForce says:

    Well thats a touching post very touching posts lately…

  4. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    Well Snaily, the time comes for everyone to go. We go way back, and we have some pretty nice accomplishments together. It’s too bad to see a good friend and one of the last smart people in RPF leave. Good bye Snaily!

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