Retirement of Snaily5


I regret to inform you that I am going to temporarily retire from RPF. I love this army more than anything and have done everything in my power to make it the best for all of you. I’ve stood with you in good times and bad and have supported you all by standing up for what is right and what is good. However, I’ve been going full steam ahead since the second week of June 2013 without only 22 hours off, usually on the computer or doing RPF stuff from my phone until sometimes 4am. I tried to take a break 4 times, but ended up doing as much if not more than I was doing before. Truthfully, it’s not fun anymore and it’s killing my mental and physical health and I must stop and take a break for a while. I know the timing of this is horrific and I apologize. I just cannot carry on this load anymore for health reasons.

We have a large army and everyone must step in and help run it and keep it fun, fresh, and exciting. It should never be on the shoulders of a couple of people because people get burned out. It’s our army and we make of it what we want, so step up and do things to make it great! You can do it and there is so much to do. Also, leaders need to work together. You should be concentrating on your individual performance and making yourself better, more effective, for RPF and placing your energy there and not into others. Nobody has the right to criticize until they are 100% of expectation of themselves and with their responsibilities in RPF. Do the best you can and worry about yourself and be supportive of others.

Now, a little Snaily history. First of all, you know I make long posts, it’s my way, and this post won’t be any different. Just be glad you don’t live with me, I’d Snaily Speech you to death. XD

Click READ MORE for the entire retirement post:

So, I joined RPF in June 2013. I didn’t want to either. LOL. I was assigned to RPF by DJ for specific, special purposes I will not disclose since I’ll probably come back soon after I take a break. I know many of you dislike DJ, and there are things I don’t like either, but many misunderstand him and he’s quite brilliant, amazing, and his creativity is unlike I’ve ever seen. He’s a master of ideas, strategy, and organization. I just know him better, deeper than most and I know him in a different light than everyone too. Anyhow, if it wasn’t for DJ telling me and making me join RPF, I would not have even discovered the incredible family that I have made with all of you and the everlasting memories. I have no regrets and owe a lot to DJ.  I just kinda showed up, wasn’t even on the ranks page for a couple of weeks, but already going strong in the shadows working for RPF. I remember nobody would talk to me in chat. It was hard fitting in, especially being behind the scenes, but there was one person who reached out to me, my RPF sister and FFF, Brooke. Thank you so much Brooke, you are so valuable to RPF<3

Then came war. We suddenly were at full war with Nachos. I remember everyone being shocked and kind of angry how I suddenly jumped 7 ranks up to 2IC, but nobody understood or knew what I was doing, which was a TON, but DJ, Mikey, and Commando, so it was a bit of a shock to everyone. I decided it was time to come out of the shadows and join the front lines. Sure, I was still doing my classified stuff, but I was open and extremely active on the front lines. I led in many of those Nacho battles and made sure that every RPF soldier in chat was in CP with full effort. I took pictures, I spied, I watched the chat for enemy troops, I helped lead, I led, posted on the RPF site motivational posts and hyped up the battles. During the Nacho war, I was promoted to RPF Leader. I did it all and it was fun. It was exciting and the absolutely most fun and important war I’ve every been in since I joined CP armies in Nov 2011. I doubt if anything will compare to the war with Nachos in the summer. Nachos never figured out it was me hiding in their ranks spying on their every move. When they would start banning everyone in their chat they thought were spies, they’d always pass me by. XD During the Nacho War, I met the most amazing person. I remember seeing them commenting on CPAC and I was like….omg this person thinks just like me and is passionate about this game like I am and so positive and inspirational. However, I saw that people were attacking this great person and stepped in right away to protect her from possible pending harm that I had seen happen to others. This person became one of my best friends, FFF, and my RPF sister Kathy.


Leading during Nacho War, Summer 2013

Next was August and the Legends Cup. That was an amazing day that we won the tournament and it was so much fun leading up to that moment we were declared victors. However, 2 days later everything fell apart with the mass demotions. Suddenly my troops were wronged horribly and I had to help them. I was not going to stand by and let these great soldiers and friends be mistreated or silenced. I didn’t know what would happen to me with leadership, etc, and I did not care. I stand up for people before a title/rank and you all deserved to have someone stand and speak up and change the course. I focused on troop morale,damage control, support, and not only telling you guys how great you were, but showing you how valuable you were to RPF. During this time, I became amazing best friends with ex Nacho, and my guardian in armies, 78562cool. He’s amazing and always so motivational and friendly. He’s like a male version of me and my beliefs, etc. 78562cool and I were very close like snipers during this time of turmoil and had undisclosed plans. Through these plans I saw tremendous potential in 78562cool for leadership and began paving his path to leadership in RPF. 78562Cool, you are my hero, my inspiration and a great role model for RPF, it’s my honor to be your friend and in FFF with you, as well as Brooke, Kathy, and Andy/Peguin21795.

Anyhow, other bad things happened that month in RPF that I don’t want to go into because it’s in the past and I busted my penguin buns turning things around, and on my own practically, I did it. For you RPF. Everything I do is for you. I was, however, taken out of leadership rank and placed into an Advisor position which I misunderstood since Mikey never explained it to me until later. When he explained it to me, I was still just as valuable, doing everything I was doing before and still a leader. I’ll never be up there with Commando, but we are at same rank and value as Owner Advisors. Owner Advisors are leaders who do all duties imaginable, including leading battles. The difference is that we are not required to participate in mandatory events, which was helpful since I was overloaded in other aspects of RPF and my health was going down. That is why Mikey placed me there, to help my health, take some of the pressure off, yet still be extremely active and productive for RPF.

While Advisor, I took on the challenge with one of my best friends 78562cool, and we created the RPF Boot Camp together. We had so many new recruits straight from CP and they needed training so we could battle with perfection. We created the site, the chat, and got our staff and cadets together and off it went. I taught most of the classes and did the scheduling, while doing site maintenance, etc. However, we went back to war again, and with soccer season too, it had to be put on hold. I was teaching the classes and nobody was helping me, so I had to stop the program until after soccer ended. That is why it’s getting up and running again and Lilstar is the main person in this endeavor now. She’s my RPF sister too, my protegé, and I’ve had her under my wings since the day she joined RPF, mentoring her, grooming her for greatness. It’s been so amazing watching her grow from an insecure new recruit into an incredibly valuable soldier and taking control and initiative. She’s so much like me. I’m proud of you Lil ❤

Anyhow, one of the 4 times I tried to take a desperate break from RPF, I was basically on light duty for a week, but still helping Mikey. Nobody helped Mikey but me. Most don’t even know how much I did for Mikey, I doubt he even knows the workload I took to help him out. I was always taking stuff off of his shoulders and doing them myself. I ended up seeing a need for RPF to stay competitive in this game and created the Ausia division. I organized it, recruited, etc and became the Ausia RPF leader and made it stable and active. Some break. LOL I obviously did not end up taking light duty and still went full force, if not more, during this week, but we had a division now and we were ready for battle. My intention was to create it, lead it, train leaders to replace me and step back into my elite Owner Advisor rank, which I did recently. However, with Andy having to take some very serious exams in his education and taking an undisclosed leave of absence, I had to step back in as Ausia Leader. This was during my 4th attempt to take a break. However, we all do what we can for RPF and this had to be done.

RPF Motto: When Darkness Falls

Fight the Good Fight

As you can see, with a lot of dedication and determination, you can contribute lots of amazing things for RPF and make it an even better army.  I encourage you all to set a goal for yourself in RPF and I am relying on all of you to do it.  Don’t let rank or a title stand in your way though of making great contributions to RPF.  Do whatever you can, give everything you have, regardless of rank.  Others will see your contributions and recognize your efforts, just ask Blake (Vdmman), and you will be rewarded.   If you are in this army for a rank or title, then you are here for the wrong reasons.

Also,  during this war, I want you to push harder than ever and win this for RPF. I know you can do it and I expect you to do it. I truly believe you are all the best troops in CP armies, most valuable, appreciated, and the best quality.  Don’t believe everything you hear and read. These armies like to force upon their armies propaganda that is untrue in order to motivate their troops to keep going. Right now, the war with AR is hot and the AR site is saying that they are so strong and unfaltering, but I know that AR is tiring badly and this is just a front to keep their troops focused and motivated. Trust me, they are tired. We must remain focused because the end is near.

I’ve requested one of my best friends, Commando, to keep me placed as Owner Advisor but truly be retired like he is. I’d like to still help out with troop support/morale, etc and with new recruits and the Boot Camp. In fact, I’d like to get back into Boot Camp and work with Lilstar. I’m still going to be high security and guardian of the RPF chat. I’d also like to retain my editor status on the RPF site and help out periodically with join page, ranks, and posting of course.  I’ll still be updating and posting free coin codes and item codes on the RPF site.  If someone needs me to edit the ranks, etc, just contact me. I’m retiring yes, but I’m not going away and I’ll always help RPF.

So what about thank you’s? OMG too many to thank. If I was to write thank you’s, I’d literally have to list everyone in RPF and a lot of retirees too because I love you all like family. I especially love FFF. Most of you don’t know what that is, and that’s okay. It’s the most special group ever that goes well beyond these armies.

Am I leaving armies for good? No, I’m not going away from CP armies yet, even though I’m older than most of you. That has been a huge criticism from my haters, but I’m here to make things better and will continue to do so as long as my real life brothers and sisters are in armies. I’ve seen 12 and 14-year-old kids abuse and harm others severely, so the age issue to me is invalid. It’s what you contribute to armies and this game that is good, not your age. Someday when I leave armies, I’ll post my huge thank you’s because my thank you’s extend outward from just RPF.

Will we still have massive parties and Card Jitsu Tournaments in my RPF Head Quarters igloo?  Heck yea!  That’s the fun I’m looking for with all of you.  Besides, I still have to redeem myself with some of you that have kicked my penguin buns.  However, I will always be CJ Master over Gar.  Hehe….    I’d like to bring some fun stuff back into RPF as well, like contests and games.  Too much work and not enough play makes Snaily a dull snail.

Victory party in the RPF Head Quarters

Victory party in the RPF Head Quarters

Will I return to RPF as Leader, aka Rebel Commander? Well, we shall see about that. I’m still helping RPF, but just not on the front lines with all the responsibilities. I need some time off to have some fun and stress down and I’m gonna take it. After I have my vacation, I’ll reevaluate my role and motivation in RPF and decide then.

So, with that said, I am officially retiring and becoming a true Retired Owner Advisor. I encourage all of you to give 100% of yourselves for RPF for me. Make me prouder than I already am of all of you. You are fantastic soldiers, best of the best. We laugh at crisis and fight like no other, but best of all, we are great close friends and family and that is what makes RPF unique. Other armies pretend to laugh at us and criticize, but they are jelly, they don’t have what we have and want to destroy that. Don’t ever let them destroy what we have and always stick up for what you believe is right, regardless of popularity. *SALUTES*

signature advisor rpf


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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23 comments on “Retirement of Snaily5
  1. Richard Davis says:

    I am so sad to see you retire. At least we can still meet up on CP and RPF chat.

  2. Richard Davis says:

    P.S. I am PenguinRic4.

  3. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:

    I am so sad to see you leave *hug*

  4. […] of you may know, our beloved Snaily retired .  (If you wish to read her retirement post, click HERE.)  The reason why I am making this post to honor her character and attributions to RPF.  Many of […]

  5. so sad, i only knew saily for the last month and im sorry to see her go

  6. this is sad…… well, you do deserve a break. *salutes*

  7. snaily5 says:

    Thanks so much everyone! You’re the best 🙂

  8. All RPF troops are the best…. as as they stay loyal to RPF. We’ll miss you Snaily!!!

  9. Richard Davis says:

    I’ll always miss you. *salutes* *hugs* *waves* *Says “Bye! Swing by if you can!”*

  10. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    I salute you Snaily. Hope to see you again after your vacation.
    – Dr Volk
    GPF Commander and RPF Private

  11. jediknight57 says:

    It’s sad seeng you leave, you were a great leader, one I’ll never forget, I hope you return soon 😦

  12. kathy8479 says:

    We’ll be here. You’re amazing 🙂 Hope you recover & come back soon though. *salute*

  13. ultipenguinj says:

    Great…another leader gone…cya Snaily.

  14. Silverburg says:

    Good bye Snaily 😦 Even though one of our best troops has left, RPF will continue to fight the good fight!

  15. bquikishere says:

    Bye Snaily, I hope you return soon :(.

  16. snaily5 says:

    You are all so sweet. Thanks so much<3

  17. RebelForce says:

    Are you going to return soon? And as you said, I will give 100% of myself to RPF. I will make this army stronger then it already is with my friends, RPF family but I will still have to concetrate on my grades. But still, it can’t hurt to have a little break from studying hanging out on chat with some of my best RPF friends and enjoy a little laughing then probably my brain will work out faster. I will keep being active and let’s make all the AR troops look at us with envy and thinking “Wow, what a great and enthusiastic army that is!”

  18. Mo10000 says:

    Snaily,you were the first leader i ever trusted,and the best one,i dont like to see you leaving,i just cant,you were much different,a perfect leader,RPF isn’t the same thing without you,we will miss you Snaily

  19. snaily5 says:

    Thanks Mo, you’re awesome 😀 *hugs

  20. […] Later that day, Snaily5, our beloved AUSIA Leader, retired from the army. I know we’ll all miss her. Read Snaily’s post HERE. […]

  21. Gar101 says:

    I guess this is goodbye, Snaily. I’ll miss you and every time you come on chat, I’m gonna spam your PC with things like “HELLO” and. “WANNA PLAY CJ?!?” Remember, I’ll ALWAYS be the Master in Card Jitsu. 😉 Goodbye Snaily5! 😀

  22. snaily5 says:

    Yea, I retired but Commando still regards me as leader. I’m still doing a lot because, other than Lilstar, not much is being done. I’m trying to do less and less though and get out of the way for others to step up and take the responsibilities. If I keep doing them others won’t. Lilstar is AMAZING but let’s not overload her. Everyone, ALL LEADERS need to be doing their jobs.
    Thanks Gar. I’m actually still extremely active and I’m focusing on giving our troops a great time in CP since the whole Nations part of this game is broken and pointless. So let’s get the troops in for army acitvities in CP and think of new, creative activities to do. RPF is supposed to be fun. Let’s make it so 😀

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