AR’s wild claims

The “Army Republic” claims the Rebel Penguin Federation has not successfully invaded any of their servers. 

Here the “Army Republic” claims RPF is “on the line” and has “no nation”. They also said half of you cannot read. Which is a ridiculous thing to say. 

I no longer consider the Army Republic a legitimate CP Army. They are merely trolls who exist to ruin the structure and foundation of Club Penguin armies. Also about 40%+ of the AR troops during battle are not AR troops, they’re simply RPF-haters. They know they lost battles/servers to us and won’t admit it, they go on to say it’s invalid… We show them proof and they still don’t care. On their website they claim RPF has two servers which is not true at all. The AR did this last time when Burr was leading and he claimed RPF was dead and had no servers when we really did and made up every excuse not to fight us and retired claiming victory. I declare this war a waste of time and I still stand by what I said in late May when I returned. “Burr & AR are a major reason why CP Armies currently SUCK.” 

RPF’s actual server/nation size:

I do not consider the Army Republic a legitimate ClubPenguin Army.

Since the AR want to pretend they have our entire nation we can pretend we have theirs too. 

I am done.


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7 comments on “AR’s wild claims
  1. Boomer 20 says:

    Candy’s claim that “we” (AR) has invaded your nation is misleading; however, this is not taking into account the servers SWAT and GS have been invading from you while you were preoccupied with AR. You definitely have more than 2 servers, but you have nowhere near 42. If I had bothered to keep count I would let you know how many are left, but the fact of the matter is that your nation is shrinking and even you have acknowledged many of your recent battles have been losses.

  2. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:


  3. crose003 says:

    Yes, we have TWO servers after Operation Arctic Storm. Nice try, AR

  4. crose003 says:

    And yes boomer, we have had the dignity to admit that we lost a few battles. We still have a ton of servers, at least 35.

  5. RebelForce says:

    Half of us cannot read? You wish because you dont want any of RPF knowing AR lost


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