A Delayed Call To Action

I think it’s overly apparent that wars in Club Penguin no longer work, as there is no rule system to define anything we face. Now. This was apparent months ago, and months ago I took action by contacting numerous warfare legends and other political figures to start construction upon a rule system so elegant and elaborate, it would actually work without any room for argument.

Boomer20 is the last Club Penguin Legend to call for a system like this, and his system really did help things along. But as the system did not stand the test of time, I have to say it was generally too ambiguous for what we need. So I would like to announce that this (late) December, I aim to fully finish the official Club Penguin Warfare Rules.

Now, I can’t personally force my ideals on all of you, as I am not an active leader in this game right now. Actually, no single leader could figure out a system by him or herself that would work with the agreement of everyone. So I will be personally contacting people on chat to take part in this- forget that there are any wars happening concerning this. I will be needing to contact every legend recognized by CPAC, and then once the legends have their way with the rules, I will be contacting every active Major Army leader. Meaning pretty much anybody in the Top Ten as recognized by CPAC, or leaders of highly influential armies. I will also contact a few big named people for this, like the CPAC and SMAC heads.

It is our goal, and responsibility, to pave the way for the future of Club Penguin Armies. I guarantee the game will be much more fun, much more fair, and way more awesome to be apart of once we have a defined set of rules. My draft that is currently written up on our website had me excited to the point that I myself would enjoy taking part in this game.

So I hope to see all you leader-guys in December so we can do this, and finally make this a proper game.

~ Commando717

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3 comments on “A Delayed Call To Action
  1. NeonUniverse says:

    Yeah Commando! We will play a proper game in December, all our efforts will not be wasted.

  2. i can’t wait till december when there is actually rules,

  3. […] Thursday – Commando is a genius, am I right? Commando717, RPF Creator, 2x leader and Army Legend, announced his idea for a Rule System for all armies. His post can be read HERE. […]

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