Pointless Game? Bold Suggestion.


Yes, I know many in this community will laugh their heads of at me, but I’ve always spoke up for people and what I/we believe in and will continue to do so even though I might be ridiculed.  This post is not necessarily the opinion or view of RPF, but I have discussed this subject in the past week with several people who had agreed with what I’m about to say.  The support for this is out there in huge numbers, but many are afraid to speak of for fear of going against the norm and being targeted or singled out by this now harsh community.  I am not afraid.  #RPFNoobNerd4Ever

We, RPF, are rebels.  We are trend setters and visionaries and we do not go with the majority, we go with what we think is right for this game and our army, regardless of popularity.  We fight for change and we want to make this a better game for everyone.  I wanted to publicly say this because  I want those who believe in what I’m about to suggest, to know that you are not alone.  I do believe this might be coming.  I believe that what I’m about to suggest must come in order for these armies to survive the new changes that Club Penguin has proposed and are diligently working on making happen.  While other armies sit around fighting and lying over what servers they own or who won the photo session contest in CP, RPF visionaries are thinking of solutions to the future of these armies, always trying to make them better for everyone.   Am I crazy?  I don’t know.  All I know, is this is a suggestion and from good or bad suggestions, new ideas form and better ideas arise.  Let me be the catalyst for change in CP armies and RPF or at least give you a lot to really think about OPENLY and analyze in your brain and form your own view.

With that said, here we go……….


I’ve been discussing a lot lately about the future of these armies and the direction they are going.  RPF leaders and high-ranking officers are always analyzing this game in ways to make it better in culture, atmosphere, and to keep it growing.  Last night, I was going to schedule invasions and went to another army’s site to see their nations.  Then I went to compare their list to RPF’s.  They were the same lists.  (ono)  Then I went to a couple other army sites and found that they also owned these servers.  This is pathetic and pointless.  Everyone is claiming to own all the servers.  Nobody wants to admit defeat, so the purpose and goal of this game to own the most servers is a big joke.  People are so focused on win win win, that they become cheaters and liars for the sake of not losing and it ruins the objective of the game.  This takes all the fun away.  I ended up not scheduling any invasions, disgusted, confused, and saddened by what this game has become.  I don’t know who owns what server any more and I know that many people feel the exact same.  Nations were a good idea at one time, but with nobody having the honor of admitting defeat, the whole Nations objective has become pointless.

You can’t have a game without established rules THAT ARE FOLLOWED.  Without following rules, it’s pointless.  Imagine the game of Monopoly with not rules.  You just roll the dice and move your game piece and get the property you land on without paying.  BORING.  There is no challenge to that.  If everyone claims ownership to  servers, what is the point of fighting for them?  Nations these days are an absolute joke.  We focus on imaginary servers (since everyone claims ownership) when we should be having fun doing activities with each other in Club Penguin.  I’m not saying become a totally CP-orientated army.  I’m saying establish friendships and bonds, socialize/share ideas, have contests and trivia nights, and organize fun events in xat, but play in Club Penguin as an army.  We have fun battles with other armies and actually do maneuvers like flanking and charging and not just having a boring PHOTO SESSIONS.  We have raids on other armies.  We can have tournaments in various games, parades having fun with the CP civilians which create attention and interest to join our army.  The more activities in CP, the more interest we generate and our armies grow.  These new recruits are taken out of Club Penguin and they pay membership for a reason, to play Club Penguin.  They are young and don’t want to be taken out of their game to become chat bums.

The week before Mikey declared war on AR was amazing.  I’ve talked to so many people in RPF that agreed.  We did just what I suggested above.  Our numbers in events jumped from 20 to 50+.  Why?  BECAUSE IT WAS FUN.  I found myself having a great time laughing and playing with my friends for the first time in a while.  All the stress, frustration and pressure from battling over servers that was pointless, was gone.   My RPF brothers and sisters agreed and admitted they were laughing and having fun too and the result of that was we had lots of active troops again AND we gained many new recruits.  I don’t know about you, but I want that.  I want a good time and that is why I’m here.  Do you want that too?

The opportunity is there RPF.  Once again, as visionaries and rebels who are gutsy enough to try new things and make bold decisions that go against the grain or popular belief, we could pave the path of CP armies into a new direction.  I personally would like to try this revolutionary risk and give RPF the glory of being successful in changing this game forever.  If things go as planned, Club Penguin’s multiple servers will soon be gone and we will be scrambling to save our game.  If we try this and it is successful, this could be the transition of these armies into the new age of Club Penguin.  I’d rather try change and come up with viable solutions to the new Club Penguin, instead of continuing like we are with our pointless Nations system, which is not fun anymore.  If we don’t find a way to adapt to the change, our armies will die.

So, yes, many of you who don’t like change, don’t want to give up the ways of these armies and want to continue on the path of wars via web sites, chats, and arguing over who wins the server, are probably laughing at me hysterically.  Fine. So be it.  I’m trying to find a solution instead of being part of the problem we face.  I want the fun back in armies and so do many others.  I want to change the path and continue marching forward with my RPF brothers and sisters and other army comrades.  Have an OPEN mind and really think about what I’ve said.  Maybe other ideas and suggestions will arise from my suggestion.  Let’s be visionaries RPF.  Let’s continue to be the trend setters in armies.  Let’s be rebels and not be afraid of trying something new.  If it doesn’t work, then we try something else new.

Please don’t be afraid to tell me what you think, good or bad.  No suggestion is a bad suggestion because any suggestion might spark a new idea that is better.  Please comment.  *Salutes*

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3 comments on “Pointless Game? Bold Suggestion.
  1. Beeky128778 says:

    As much as I’d like to violently rip apart RPF, I’m not going to deny that some of their ideas seem useful.

  2. crose003 says:

    I agree. It’s kind of pointless to invade/defend servers when the enemy is going to claim it no matter what happens in the actual battle. We were really onto something before we got sidetracked with AR’s antics. I mean really, we had one mammoth Saturday and it was really fun, i was looking forward to the next one, and then BOOM,we go attack AR and forget all about that.

  3. snaily5 says:

    I totally agree with you. Thanks for commenting 😀

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