Message to ALL CP Armies

CP Armies = It doesn’t matter if CP takes away servers… we’re all the same nation anyway.

Literally though, visit all the server pages on CP army websites.

You don’t believe me? Here are just SOME of the examples:

1. You visit the Nacho page and see that Alpine is still a listed server but RPF won Alpine over the Nacho War. But then you see that Alpine belongs Dark Warriors on their page.

2. You visit the Ice Warriors page to see that Arctic belongs to them and then you take a trip to AR and see that they own Arctic as well after their RPF invasion.

3. Dark Warriors owns Jack Frost but so does ACP.

4. Greek Sheeps invades RPF’s server Ice Rink. AR invades RPF’s server Ice Rink. Now, they both have Ice Rink. RPF invades it from the AR. Successfully wins the invasion. But now, Greek Sheeps say they still own the server. Then, AR claims our invasion was invalid. They claim all of our invasions are invalid.

5. RPF invades Blizzard and wins but Nachos still own the server and somehow Army Republic gets the server.

6. RPF wins Southern Lights and gives it to new ally DW. Now, AR comes to DW saying our invasion was invalid.

7. ACP owns Winter Land but so does Ice Warriors.

And MANY more servers to be disputed.


Please tell me… I’m tired fighting for something we are never going to get. And this isn’t just RPF. This is every army. We can’t have an army fighting without any official rules of the game. Because if everyone continuously claims ownership, it’s like we are fighting for imaginary servers. Nations in this current system are pointless.


Take it in.


1. First of all, we are not in isolationism currently. Second, there are again no rules for isolationism. CPAC doesn’t make the rules. They are a news site… Not judges on what the entire CP Army community can do. Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love CPAC news and I’m not saying RPF can make the rules either but PEOPLE get along for half an hour and create something so other leaders and I don’t spend hours in kiks and pcs arguing on who is right and wrong.

2. Army Republic about Arctic Storm, we have given you 24 hour notices about our invasions for that day and RPF did attend all three servers per half hour. Sorry if you only attended one server. I don’t understand how all of them could be invalid. We clearly posted 24 hours in advance, gave a notice and attended the war. RPF does have lives. Make it interesting for us. I guess 24 hour notices doesn’t count for anything anymore. Now, there are no rules in CP army warfare! HOW WONDERFUL! TAKE EVERY SERVER WHETHER YOU INVADE IT OR NOT (wary)

3. Although NDA has disbanded, RPF are still clear and present allies with ACP. We understand that ACP cannot assist us in military aid that much due to many treaties with our “enemies” but they still assist us in many other ways and we shall do the same.

4. ADMIT DEFEAT. We surrender when there is a battle that the opponent has obviously won. Would you please respect that and do the same to us?

5. Next time you get multiple armies to gang up on an army, know who invades who cause RPF are no longer going to put up with the chaos JLA has caused to our side. No one in the entire CP army world has a clear idea of who owns what server. Get proof, take pics, and as soon as the battle gets finished talk about it and decide something. Disputes pile up on each other, get forgotten and causes even more wars in the future.

6. You can’t be stuck the same way all the time. Things change. Move on.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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5 comments on “Message to ALL CP Armies
  1. NeonUniverse says:

    If we claimed those servers and we don’t even get it, what are those enemies calling us, our invasions invalid? Then why don’t you guys try to have proof that our invasions were invalid?

  2. snaily5 says:

    So true Lilstar. This is an amazing post! You’ve really said a lot of important things and I could not agree with you more. Excellent. I’m glad you published this. 😀

  3. Beeky128778 says:

    Our nation page is currently outdated.

  4. nice post

  5. junie17125 says:

    Lilstar, it is very true. I like mostly all your posts, keep up the Great work. Excellent.

    By, Junie

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