We are RPF

This was written by an RPF veteran. He wrote this directly after the end of the RPF vs Nacho Summer war of 2013. I enjoyed reading this and I’m sure you will too. 


Past experience: 6 years as a veteran of CP (2006-2009 mainly). Including extensive participation in several major wars, including World War III and the Color Wars. 3ic of RPF, General in UMA, etc.


Beeky and Elmikey stood across each other, along with several notable statesman in the meeting room. It was clear there was some tension between the two parties, after a considerably fought fight that resulted in many changes. In fact just minutes before a secret invasion planned out by a Nacho officer was thwarted by several soldiers, resulting in a heavy firefight. Commando717 and his peers were discussing with the leaders of Nachos to discuss a peace agreement and a cease fire following a heavily fought war in which both sides failed to stutter. The contract was declared, and edited to fit the demands of each party. Finally, on the 2nd of August, 2013, The Nachos and RPF had ended their heavily fought war. What was more eventful in this event, however, was the grand return of one of CP’s oldest armies, RPF.
Something we never expected to happen in the world of CPA, was the beloved and acclaimed return of RPF, otherwise known as Rebel Penguin Federation. Previously one of the greatest rebellions ever to emerge in CP, RPF was infamously managed by two colorful characters, Commando717 and his right hand man, Elmikey. However, with retirement and sudden setbacks, RPF fell into a rollercoaster era, never able to reach the numbers it did in its prime. Although Commando717 would come back and continue his reign, the RPF fell into a dark era that lasted for many years. The bane of its formerly great reputation is often disputed, whether it be the overwhelming amount of leaders or the gradual weakening that all armies must come by, RPF lived in an era of mediocrity compared to its Golden era. Troops were lost, servers vanished, and in that time RPF never managed to get back to its spot on the CPAC Top Armies list, hovering around a 9 on its best day.That all changed, in the summer of 2013, when Commando717 and Elmikey returned, bringing up the RPF back to number one and shooting up its numbers. Recruitment increased, new strategies were constructed, and in the 6 year existence of the RPF, finally shot up to reclaim its spot as number one. That itself created another wave, as old veterans came back to serve in the army once more. The whole world of CP was shocked, including many of the top armies in CPAC who were suddenly thrown out into impotence in the awe of its glory. Truly, as Commando717 quoted many years before during his second reign, the iron curtain was back.
What can we credit to the comeback of one of CP’s oldest armies? Surely it should be the veteran staff coming back to serve in CP once more, helping out and bringing the true message of war to CP. Sadly, this is an overexaggerated claim. What we can credit to RPF’s success is innovative tactics, tactics fit for a newer generation of CP’s hopeful recruits and the constant buffers put on by CP. A change in the old design of uniform was another reason for the change in recruitment numbers, as newer recruits could properly be established into the ranks of RPF. Finally, constant chat numbers ranging 20+ up to 2 AM EST time helps to represent those on other sides of the country, as well as the ever important UK/European soldiers.
As we watch RPF in the continuing months, we will see these new strategies put to the test as the school year comes around, resulting in a shortage of recruits and participation. However, we must all recognize that RPF is truly back.


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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