Tragedy on Ice Rink

No photographs or video survived this battle. Ice Rink was burned down by the Army Republic. RPF suffered many casualties. The surviving troops were ordered off the server. RPF had a chat size of 27-30 RPF but only 10-15 logged on to defend. We also had about 10-13 officers in the chat shortly before the battle but once it started we only had 3. Demotions will be given out on a large scale. The members that actually tried to win will not be punished. We know who you are.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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4 comments on “Tragedy on Ice Rink
  1. ultipenguinj says:

    Yeah, sorry I couldn’t come, I had Bible Study.

  2. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    its okay we’ll win next time.

  3. RebelForce says:

    I want to participate on this war, but I cant the times are so late for me can you schedule events for AUSIA?

  4. […] This was an unsuccessful event. Due to the laziness of some officers, we did not win this. Demotions will be given out if this happens again. Full post can be read HERE. […]

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