Here’s a speech

We are the most hated army because we stood up to the establishment that controls CP Armies. We want CP Armies to not be a place for trolls to lurk and others to be bullied, the ones controlling this game and our future should not condone such behavior. If the majority of armies are in support of what this community has become for the past several years and are anti-clubpenguin then obviously they’re going to be against RPF and our vision to make armies great again.

We want CP Armies to be a place where kids that play CP can come together and enjoy the idea and fun that CP Armies brings to the game Club Penguin. Kids will not join when the armies leading the community are against Club Penguin and are vulgar trolls.

Maybe you don’t want new people to join and want this community to be how it’s been since 2010? Well, I sure don’t. I want to fight another army on Club Penguin that actually does more than dance and not move at all. I want my troops to have fun, they’re from Club Penguin ya know? Maybe that’s what makes us different. We’re an army that likes Club Penguin in a world of CP Armies that don’t. And that’s only because armies have failed at CP Recruiting since 2008.

Well it’s time that we all work together and stop being against one another for made up reasons and actually try and grow this community/game together. We’re all powerful and if we used our power and skills wisely Club Penguin Armies as a whole could see a massive growth and be fun for the kids of CP again. Everyone just needs to stop being closed-minded and wake up and realize that CP Armies really can reach never before seen heights even this late in 2013. We have seen the results for ourselves, we know much better things are possible and can/will happen.

Someday Club Penguin members will go into top 3 army chat’s and feel safe and comfortable. They’ll be able to say “hey let’s meet up on CP and get pizza” and not get cussed out.

– Elmikey

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Here’s a speech
  1. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    Well put Elmikey. I am also the 3rd most hated commenter next to you and Cassius Brutus, just for standing up for ourselves.

  2. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    The point of an army is to fight others! The world doesn’t revolve around Elmikey. You’re hated because you piss just about EVERYONE off.

  3. RebelForce says:

    Well still we’re trying to make this army a special meeting for members of cp and always I say to people “hey lets meet up on cp and have fun!” and they reply most of the time they say yes and we have fun!

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