Defense of Walrus [UK Event] Results

Today RPF logged in to defend Walrus from the Dark Warriors during UK times. It was a very close battle, RPF had more consistent tactics and equal sizes. The DW had the size advantage by about 3-5 troops towards the end of the battle. It should have been a tie but I gave the win to the Dark Warriors. For those of you who attended, we did a great job. I am currently in the middle of peace-talks with the DW leaders, Freezie seems like he doesn’t want war with us. I stayed up until about 4am on Saturday night ending up the war against the Ausia army Greek Sheeps as well, they are now our allies. Hopefully the RPF vs DW conflict can be resolved so we aren’t in multiple conflicts & DW can be our allies. We were making a peace treaty today but I got ddosed right when we were starting, I shouldn’t have announced we were having peace-talks. We will try again tomorrow. Apparently someone somewhere doesn’t want peace. But we do. Here is a picture from today’s battle. RPF maxed 16 and averaged 13-15. 

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Defense of Walrus [UK Event] Results
  1. brigade3 says:

    Made it.

  2. […] Our first event was on Monday (obviously), and was the Defence of Walrus against Dark Warriors. This was a UK event, and the results post can be seen HERE. […]

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