Defense of Snow Fort

RPF logged on to defend Snow Fort from the Army Republic. Within the first few moments it was clear that we were going to lose. We didn’t give up and we kept fighting, since AR were pretty much double our size at the town (since only like 15-20 RPF logged on) we retreated to the Ski Lodge Attic. We thought it would be safe there and it was. We were alone for about 5 minutes until the AR finally showed up. Then something remarkable happened: the battle became really fun. Yes, we decided to fight like it was 2007 again. The event then became really fun and all the troops from both armies enjoyed it. Here are some pictures.

We may have lost a battle, but the war has just begun.



About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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One comment on “Defense of Snow Fort
  1. […] Next, we tried to defend Snow Fort against the Army Republic. Sadly, we lost this battle, but it was great fun! The results post can be read HERE. […]

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