Updated Ranks Page

Hello RPF :D, 78562cool here.  The ranks page has been totally redone.  We are still using the three division method, but we decided to condense the ranks to make them more user friendly.  No one’s rank has changed!  For example, if you were the 3rd highest member in the Navy division, you are still 3rd highest member.   All we did is use the Marine ranks, but add all of the ranks to it.  To make the ranks even easier, we color coded them.  All Marine ranks are in the color RED.  All Navy ranks are in the color BLUE.  All Air Force ranks are in the color GREEN.  

Just in case you forget what the colors mean, they have been added to the top of the ranks page for easy access.


Make sure to check out the new ranks page.  You can go directly to the ranks by clicking HERE.  If you all do not like the new ranks page, I can return them to how they were.

Comment with your opinion of the ranks page!

As always, it is a pleasure to serve with all of you *salute*

-78562cool, your RPF 1ic

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One comment on “Updated Ranks Page
  1. RebelForce says:

    I have seen it and I think its awesome! 😀

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