The Good Fight

RPF, when you joined this army you joined something unique, amazing and you became a piece of CP army history. This is it, now is our time RPF.  Even our brilliant creator Commando is pleased at how something he created and nurtured has been taken to this new height in CP armies and in fighting the good fight.

We fight for what is good in this game.  We fight for what is right. We have the best, strongest allies in army history known as the New Dawn Alliance, the NDA, with Doritos of CP, DCP, and Army of CP, ACP.  This incredible alliance is as hard as diamonds and unbreakable.  We shine above the rest because we believe in what we are fighting for and will not stop until we win.  Others want to destroy us but we won’t let them.  They don’t believe in what we believe in: a good, fun, fair fight in CP, sharing experiences and making friends, and paving a positive path for the future generations of these armies.  They believe in the mistreatment and targeting of others, the acceptance of inappropriate subjects in this kid’s game, the doxing, ddossing, hacking, sending people inappropriate packages to their home, lying, cheating, and behaving badly.

However, the deterioration of this game over the past years has brought out the best in RPF and the best in the NDA, and that includes you. YOU are why we are here. YOU are what we fight for. YOU make a great difference in these armies because YOU chose to fight the good fight in RPF.

War is here and our enemies think they can bring down the good and bring darkness into this game.  However, they are going to be the ones we bring down When Darkness Falls.  The New Dawn Alliance will shine upon the dark side of armies and bring the fun back!  With all of us standing together, side-by-side, brothers and sisters, we will fight hard and win this war.  I’m so honored to be a part of RPF and the NDA and I know you are too.  You feel it, I feel it, that special something we have created in RPF that threatens the enemy armies, makes them feel inadequate and insecure. We are not insecure, we are confident because we truly believe in what we fight for!

Let’s go RPF!

Fight the Good Fight!

signature advisor rpf


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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