Become The Catalyst

After recent events- wars, battles, and everything that comes in between…

I can hereby declare this an RPF era in Club Penguin Warfare.

I don’t declare this in the name of selfishness or bias reasoning either, I judge something like this very hard. The facts must be relied on, and the influence observed. RPF has been fighting the good fight for a long time now, and RPF has most commonly fought this fight in the shadows and the background of history. That is no longer the case.

After battling head on with the Nachos this summer, which arguably should be considered one of the most intense wars in Club Penguin Warfare, RPF didn’t just fade away, RPF became stronger. RPF dethroned the Nachos like it did the UMA. Justice was finally served. We had a milestone during the Invasion of Aurora, which would mark the beginning of this generation, and we hit another when Fjord, White House, Alaska, and Blizzard became USRPF servers. This reality a year ago would have been laughed at. The Nachos would have preemptively attacked a non existent RPF just for saying so.

Armies no longer can just bully because they can, nor can they just take control of the situation and make it so no others can be in the spotlight. RPF heard the calling, and RPF responded. The Rebel Penguin Federation is a large army of freedom fighters and visionaries. The other side calls us the world police, and that’s because they weren’t up for the job when they were in this position. When you become a superpower, that is the moment you become an entity that matters for the future of Club Penguin Armies. Either you can take on the position selfishly like the Nachos, the 2009 ACP, or the 2007 UMA did. Or you can take the position selflessly, and stand up for what is truly right.

This community is very afraid of that for some reason, many armies didn’t believe in fighting for what’s right. They looked just for the betterment of themselves. When they thought about a conflict, they asked themselves “Will this war keep us on top?”. They didn’t consider what their enemy stood for. They didn’t consider what they stood for.

The Rebel Penguin Federation targets armies who are guilty of cyber bullying, and other crimes against this game. We stand up for those who may not have a voice, and we’re criticized for that.

But when you’re apart of RPF, you always have the last laugh. The Nachos, the AR, and the LT could tell you all about it.

This is truly an era of RPF Victory, and it’s up to you guys to ensure that it stays that way. For once in a long time, the victors are actually the good guys. You stand up for what must be stood for, and you win. You guys matter, and you guys make Club Penguin Armies, and Club Penguin, a better place.

I salute this RPF, and I nod to it’s allies for following in it’s vision.

~ Commando717

PS. I promise a late December graphics update for the RPF site.

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5 comments on “Become The Catalyst
  1. RebelForce says:

    Preserve justice = RPF

  2. snaily5 says:

    It’s an honor to lead and serve this amazing army. Never will I take even one day for granted. My RPF brothers and sisters, I salute you all.

  3. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    why did you remove my edit when I put RPF creator with your name, 85% of the troops don’t even know you.

  4. Andy says:

    I’m grateful that I’ve been given an opportunity to work with this army at the topmost position. I like to serve RPF. RPF is the visionary of CP warfare, and I’m proud of that.

  5. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    I shall annihilate every negative force that tries to derail RPF from it’s positive aim. 😀

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