New Paths and Focus


The time has come for me to hand over the Ausia Division to the next Ausia Rebel Commander (leader).  I am not retiring nor stopping/slowing down my efforts and contributions to RPF.  My intention and goal was to create the Ausia Division and get it growing, active, and stable.  Once I had achieved that and trained the soldiers I would find a suitable potential leader to replace me who proved themselves worthy, skilled, and able to live up to my expectations of a successful, effective RPF leader.  After observation and analysis, I had a “face off” between potential quality soldiers that expressed leadership qualities.  They were given a week to function as a leader, doing all the leadership responsibilities and duties.  In the end, loyal, enthusiastic 2ic Andy exceeded my expectations.  I knew I had found the Ausia Leader.

Therefore, the new Ausia Rebel Commander is Andy. Congratulations!

I will still remain working extremely close with my division so you’re not getting rid of me so easily. LOL This division is extremely valuable to keeping RPF strong and competitive and is the most active and motivated division and I admire their drive to be the best.

I will retain my leadership Owner Advisor title, just like Commando, per Commando.  I’d like to clarify again what this specialized position entails.  Most people think of an advisor as a retired person who makes suggestions and advises the army as to what to do in situations.  These are our mod Advisors. My title Owner Advisor duties are that I function same as leader, without the expectation to make mandatory events, although I will do my best to attend them, just as I always have. I’m still doing the join page, ranks, comments, posting, leading, scheduling, troop support, inter-army communications, recruiting, chat security/maintenance, and more.  Nothing has changed except for the fact I will not be leading any Ausia events after midnight PST, and I won’t have the title in my name.  I’ve been granted the honor of keeping RPF Advisor/Leader in my name, but I’ll just keep it Advisor unless I am having issues with people’s misperceptions about my duties and role in RPF.

While overseeing the Ausia division, I will be focusing my efforts on reviving the RPF Boot Camp as RPF Boot Camp Director with 78562cool.  Once we went to war, it had to be low priority, but now things have changed. We have a steady flow of recruits straight from Club Penguin and we need to get them assimilated and trained to fight the good fight.

I will also try my hardest to re-work my schedule with school and home stuff so I can focus on building the UK division, just as I did Ausia.  To remain competitive, we must have a large, strong UK division and I will work hard for RPF to make this happen.

So let’s keep marching forward RPF and doing the things we need to do, no matter the rank, to keep RPF the best army ever in Club Penguin.

signature advisor rpf


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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6 comments on “New Paths and Focus
  1. St Ransor says:

    😀 First!

  2. RebelForce says:

    Well Congratulations to Andy, and remind me again, what is the RPF boot camp?

  3. Andy says:

    Thank you! I assure you that I’ll bring AUSIA to the zenith, and work hard for the betterment of all troops! I am committed to influencing a progressive change in AUSIA as well as raising the bar to try and get unprecedented glory to our division. I would restrict myself from abusing the prerogative of this position, and instead work within my limits to propitiate success. 🙂

    ~Andy, AUSIA Rebel Commander

  4. ultipenguinj says:

    1. Well done, Andy, although I saw that one coming.
    2. I should become Owner Advisor.
    3. I like pie. :p

  5. kathy8479 says:

    Snaily is amazing. *salute* Congratulations Andy!
    @RebelForce RPF Boot Camp trains new recruits to become great troops and teaches the ways of this rebel army 😉

  6. LilStar says:

    CONGRATS ANDY! You have worked so hard to get this and you achieved your goal. I’m so proud 🙂

    – LilStar

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