Message to the troops

There is a problem that I am facing and needs fixed, the problem is many RPF troops are not loyal to RPF. Instead they’re loyal to me. A lot of you only listen to me and only get on when I am on. This cannot be the case. We will not succeed and we will die if you continue to do this. I am 17 years old I retired from RPF when I was 11 cause I out-grew CP and I never thought I’d come back. I did return and RPF is booming again. I do not get paid for this. I cannot dedicate my life to getting on every single day for every single event, this is why there are multiple leaders….. This is why I am considering retirement: Today we had a scheduled event and my internet was knocked off by the enemy.. I was unable to get on from 7:00 est – 7:15 est (event started at 7:00) when I got back onto chat the chat size had decreased by 50% and we only had 10 RPF on CP. Rebel Commander 78562Cool was leading and he was doing a good job, so what happened? I wasn’t there. RPF, I cannot be there all the time. I have a life and I have things I want to do in this life. You all need to attend scheduled events no matter who’s leading. Also each person with an owner symbol in RPF chat has the power to demote you or ban you. I became president so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time on RPF and be more relaxed, I deserved it after what I achieved this summer through hard work and dedication. I can’t do this every single day it takes up a lot of time. We have 5-10 leaders for a reason. I’m not even required to lead events.. -.-. Anyways sorry for ranting but it’s true and it’s up to all of you to fix this. This is your army as much as it is mine, remember that.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Message to the troops
  1. LilStar says:

    We can do this RPF. Time to take it to the next level 😉

    – LilStar

  2. St Ransor says:

    I’m loyal to everyone. *wary*

  3. RebelForce says:

    I’m loyal to RPF itself I respect every troop in this awesome army. Youre right Elmikey, of course people have to follow any leader’s command. Just what I was thinking great post

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