Today’s Awesome Event!



Today we were ready to have a practice battle against DW but they were not online/forgot, instead we went on Alaska to train. We ran into the Nachos at the town and we began to fight. After eating enough Nachos we trained a bit on the berg then raided different rooms on CP, it was lot’s of fun. This event was probably the funniest event and will likely be a memorable one for those who attended. We started with sizes of 20-25 but soon averaged around 30-35 in the middle of the event. Good job RPF!

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11 comments on “Today’s Awesome Event!
  1. ryan says:


  2. bquikishere says:

    I came. Funniest event one could possibly experience :P.

  3. kathy8479 says:

    I attended. This was definitely one of the most hilarious events ever XD The troops enjoyed it and the people on CP were entertained as well. Had quite a laugh & looking forward to more! Thanks to all of those who attended. Comment if you came πŸ˜€


  4. Azncutegurl7 says:

    I attended ^^ Best event I’ve been since I first joined back in July πŸ˜€

  5. ryan says:

    amen to tht lol πŸ˜€

  6. ryan says:

    well to kathys comment

  7. Ultipenguinj says:

    I attended. Great job, RPF!

  8. crose003 says:

    I WAS THERE! the picture of the pizza parlor with the pink girl who was all “not these guys again” was hilarious!

  9. Andy says:

    LOL, you raided almost 10 rooms, and it seems to be chaos in Alaska.
    Amen Crose003

  10. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    Best fun we had since Summer 2013 :D. I attended.

  11. LilStar says:

    Lmao. This was the Can’t wait for more πŸ˜€ – LilStar

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