Daily Inspiration #2

Hey RPF!

LilStar here with some daily inspiration.

Summer 2013 were some great months where RPF got intense sizes and won major battles. Not only did we have mass everything! We weren’t afraid to have some fun.

RPF Igloo


Surf line


Nacho PB 8 SUPER


We managed to keep strong sizes and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Resulting in the formation of the New Dawn Alliance, RPF began to prosper even further.

NDA 2013

So we continue to grow as the #1 army in all of Club Penguin.

Recruiting Spots

If we didn’t have such wonderful soldiers here today, we would have never made it this far. Therefore, we must continue to keep recruiting so we can get even more fantastic recruits just like all of you. Keep checking the home page for mass recruiting events, and on your free time feel free to recruit on these servers. If we work together, we will fight the good fight when darkness falls and we will continue to rise.

Signing off,


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2 comments on “Daily Inspiration #2
  1. Blake/Vdmman says:

    Quite inspirational!

  2. ryan says:

    ya very inspirational lil

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