Successful Defense of Big Foot!

Hello, Troops!

Today RPF logged onto Mammoth to Defend Big Foot. We had better and more tactics as Nachos did, with excellent focus of our troops. Great job, RPF!

Here are some pictures from todays event!


Photo credits to Kathy and Raprocks669



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11 comments on “Successful Defense of Big Foot!
  1. ultipenguinj says:

    I still here them Nachos crunching! xD! I came.

  2. penguinyea1 says:

    I came! it was awesome!
    ~The Rokc King Yaz ~lord Hunter

  3. 2001Viper/RPF Puffle says:

    I wish I was but my brother is a nacho and it was his turn to use computer and sorry for the thange on chat that was my brother Fisherman158

  4. Azncutegurl7 says:

    I came, it was awesome!

  5. Elwood459 says:

    i came

  6. Richard Davis says:

    I came too! I loved it!

  7. RebelForce says:

    Hey Nachos! Why so small?
    And sorry I couldn’t come 😦

  8. Andy says:

    I couldn’t come. it was too late, and too instant. I will make sure that such defences are not overseen. We need to watch out for their invasions.

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