Attention RPF: 

We need every RPF members support, it is the only way we will grow. We’ll only be able to grow and stay strong if each Rebel Penguin Federation member effectively contributes. Each one of you has the potential to make a difference. RPF can only exist if we work together as a team and set aside all differences. In the end we are all the same, we are each human, we are each RPF, we each have lives & we’re fighting the good fight together. Now let’s use our time while on RPF/CP to help your army in any way, be a professional soldier otherwise you won’t get many promotions. Also the RPF Chat is a place where new recruits meet us, many of you use RPF Chat on a daily basis. Please do not be inappropriate and set an example for others. I am talking to each one you… We need to make RPF better and that will only happen if 100% of us helps strengthen RPF in any possible way, could be recruiting, acting mature and appropriate on chat at all times, having fun on CP with other RPF members, I know you know what I’m talking about, it is up to the Moderators but mostly MEMBERS of RPF to keep RPF alive, I assure that you will be ranked up fast and eventually reach your goal if you start to noticeably make a difference and attend events. It is most important for everyone to attend scheduled events that is what we are ranked on, try and attend scheduled events.

This short speech was necessary because I know you all want RPF to be better and it can only happen if we each work together to achieve our goal(s) Instead of wasting time on chat why not welcome new recruits because our primary goal is to make sure those new guys stay otherwise we won’t grow. It is up to you to make sure you are a professional RPF soldier so you and RPF can succeed. Every single one of you play a major role in our success. This is YOUR army. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. We will rise to great heights if we do this so let’s go! RPF


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Thanks so much! We appreciate you coming to RPF to read what we have to say and the fun things we do. I hope you enjoy RPF

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