Unscheduled training on Arctic

Hello RPF!

Today (or this morning for me) we had an unscheduled training event. It was also a U-lead at one point, where our fantastic troops showed off their leading skills 😀

We maxed 12 and averaged 9, which was good as it was unscheduled. I’d like to congratulate you all on another fantastic event, where we had near perfect tactics. This event was organised by Flappy, our US Rebel Commander. And credit to him for the pics.

Click “Read More” to see the pictures

First the USRPF Air Force landed in the town, as the Marines and Navy made their way towards the target area. When the entire army had reached the destination, we showed off our skills with perfect tactics. Sadly, no pictures were taken of this.

After we had secured the town, the Air Force got back into their planes, and shortly after parachuted onto the Ice Berg. The area was quickly searched. As the Marines and Air Force made their way to the Ice berg in the USRPF Ship, we showed off our skills. This part of the event was a U-lead, and had nearly perfect tactics.

Server: Arctic

Status: Secure

There you have it RPF, another great event! The server Arctic was confirmed to be empty of any enemies afterwards. Not only did we practice doing some awesome tactics, but we kept the server of Arctic safe.

One again, credit to flappy for both the pictures and organising this event.

Over and out.

~Sir Pj

RPF UK Rebel Commander


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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4 comments on “Unscheduled training on Arctic
  1. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    Who’s the black puffle? XP

  2. St Ransor says:

    2001Viper is.

  3. ultipenguinj says:


  4. Sir Pj says:

    @ulti its different in UK and US

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