Unscheduled Training Results

Hello RPF it’s one of your leaders Flappy here. Today on chat I noticed we had a very good  chat size for that time of day. I decided to host an unscheduled event. Those who are most dedicated to the army decided to show up, unlike some who just sat on chat and watched. We really need all troops to help out with the tactical training. The more troops we have on Club Penguin, the bigger and better tactics we can do!

Comment saying if you attended or not!

RPF Leader
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3 comments on “Unscheduled Training Results
  1. ultipenguinj says:

    I attended. Oh, and 1st. I think.

  2. Teigan says:

    I attended. 🙂 Unscheduled are my favourite cant wait for the “Big 3” Tonight. 😀 *Evil laugh* – Teigan

  3. junie17125 says:

    I would like to come, I’ll be able to show up and attend these events for one of my main armies, RPF is actually one of my mains. So sure, I’ll come.

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