The New Dawn Is Coming! [War] Every Saturday – Server: Mammoth

The New Dawn Alliance will be taking a revolutionary step. We will no longer revolve around xat/chat rooms/cpac top 10 but instead actual Club Penguin. Our recruiting effort will be going towards achieving maximum results for Saturday’s so we can win. The armies competing so far are RPF, DCP, ACP.

Starting this Saturday at 4:00pm est, 3:00pm cst, 2:00 pm mst, 1:00pm pst, 9:00pm UK/GMT

There will be a massive war on the server Mammoth, we will be communicating over Club Penguin and the army that throws the most snowballs, and has the biggest size throughout the day will win.

Army Server: Mammoth

Base: Outside Mine

Main Rooms: 


‘Why we’re doing this’

RPF, DCP, ACP combined are currently capable of recruiting over 100-200 people per day from Club Penguin. A few years ago Club Penguin armies started using chat rooms and the influential army leaders retired. Over some time the people who stayed in armies all grew out of Club Penguin but some stayed in armies. CP Armies started to appeal less to CP players and has evolved over the years to not appeal to the Club Penguin player at all. The members of CP Armies stopped going on Club Penguin completely, thus armies are unknown to the CP Players. Armies haven’t had a base since 2007, instead we’ve been using chat rooms which most normal CP Player’s can’t even use. CP Armies haven’t recruited on CP for 5 years until I returned and proved that CP recruiting is successful/works.  We want our websites & armies to become massive and successful and the way to do that is to appeal to the kids who play CP and give them war-fare like we had many years ago.

Our only Scheduled Event will be on Saturday’s at 1:00pm Penguin Time/PST and will last a few hours. 

I witnessed over 2,500 people apply to join RPF and only 3/100 of them would stay, that’s because Club Penguin armies appeal to the teenagers of CPAC, not the kids of Club Penguin. I returned and proved that it is possible to recruit that many people in a short amount of time. If RPF, DCP, ACP worked together then we’d likely get well over 5,000-10,000+ NEW members within 31 days/1 month. We’d appeal towards them so 100% of them would be eager to stay and attend our Saturday event. Instead of the 3%.

This means that armies will have a massive rise and our sites will become very popular, everyone would also tell their friends about this so our numbers would further increase.

After about 1-3 weeks the server Mammoth will be active 24/7 as more and more people will continue to join, once we feel that it’s gotten “too big” we will host scheduled CP Armies/War every other day at an appropriate time for all time-zones across the world. The event times/days/server will never change. This means that everyone who applies no matter what timezone will be able to enjoy CP Warfare & hang out on CP therefore the server will never sleep.

This has been an official announcement from President Elmikey

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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One comment on “The New Dawn Is Coming! [War] Every Saturday – Server: Mammoth
  1. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    Great work! 1 PM PST is late for me, but it’s important for everyone to attend because this will truly revive and restore the old ways of CP warfare. 😉

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