Mammoth Saturday’s! [CP Armies]

Every Saturday! All Attend!

4:00pm est, 3:00pm cst, 2:00 pm mst, 1:00pm pst, 9:00pm UK/GMT 

Army Server: Mammoth – Base: Outside Mine

Main Rooms: Cove, Forest, Plaza & surrounding rooms.

[NOTICE] – ATTEND MAMMOTH SATURDAY’S, We need large amounts of RPF!

It is time to bring Club Penguin armies back to Club Penguin, everyone attend the Club Penguin Army Wars! Every Saturday!

Fight with your army and throw snowballs!

How to play: Wear your uniform and help defeat opposing armies by outnumbering them and throwing snow balls! The soldiers that are seen regularly and stick out by throwing lot’s of snowballs and helping their army will be promoted on the ranks. 

November 2nd will be a historic day for Club Penguin and Club Penguin armies.

Years ago armies moved out of Club Penguin and began to base themselves around chat rooms instead, that was cool at the time but it quickly caused the death of CP Armies since armies stopped going on CP. Penguins stopped joining CP Armies since they stopped being CP based. It is time to change that.

For about five years everyone thought it would be impossible to even recruit over Club Penguin. I proved them wrong, the Rebel Penguin Federation will continue to prove everybody wrong. RPF & Allies are capable of recruiting over a hundred(s) people a day, if Club Penguin armies were appealing to those who play Club Penguin instead of CPAC then they’d join. It is time to start a revolution, the RPF will have NO scheduled events on any-day except for Saturday.  We will be based in Mammoth. We will not condone the use of chat rooms.

This event will grow week by week and it’ll change not just armies but Club Penguin itself forever.

A New Dawn is coming. 

Club Penguin Armies will be hosted on Mammoth every Saturday at 1:00pm Penguin Time everybody attend, it will be the greatest Club Penguin experience!

We expect everyone to show up on Saturday’s!

Anyone who plays Club Penguin will want to show up on Saturday.

The New Dawn Alliance (RPF,ACP,DCP) together are capable of recruiting 100s of people per day for Club Penguin Army Wars. [Every Saturday on Mammoth 1:00pm PST!]

We expect hundreds of penguins to attend and fight for their army every Saturday it will be lot’s of fun!

To the Soldiers who’ve joined before 10/27/13, we’re all going to work together to create the biggest event ever known on Club Penguin. RPF will have 1 event, and that will be “Club Penguin Armies” EVERY SATURDAY. Mammoth will become an army server and all thousands of people who apply for a rank will attend. We have had a 3% success rate at keeping Club Penguin recruits, this will change it to 100%. Pretty much everyone who views our website or our allies will be in attendance of this event. 

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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10 comments on “Mammoth Saturday’s! [CP Armies]
  1. jediknight57 says:

    Seems interesting 🙂 How long will the event be?

  2. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    Let’s revive the army activity in Mammoth, as it used to be in the World Wars! NO chat communication will be a challenge to us! 🙂

  3. RebelForce says:

    We can make anything possible! Lets be a CLUBPENGUIN ARMY once again! 😀

  4. St Ransor says:

    GMT! :((((

  5. Starvsblack2/Rebel Pikachu says:

    its too late

  6. barbie2982 says:


  7. 2001Viper/RPF Puffle says:

    how long is event

  8. carson4 says:

    Dark Ninjas declare war on you invasion are here I have now warned you

    RPF shall warn you Dark Ninjas of CP: Rebel Penguin Federation is a huge army and in the top 3 of the CPAC. We have battles with 40-80 soldiers. You appear to be a new army starting out and we congratulate you. However, we cannot possibly fight an army that maxes 2, that would not be fair. We suggest to you that you find a small army on the SMAC and declare war on them in you desire to succeed with your army. The link the SMAC is You need to stay within your league until you grow and move into the CPAC ranks. Once you are there, then you can declare war on a large army. Meanwhile, to get some training and experience under your belts, I suggest you join the mighty RPF. Practice and experience will make you better and more prepared to lead your own army to victory. JOIN RPF here —–>

    ~~Snaily5, RPF Ausia Rebel Commander, RPF Advisor

  9. RebelForce says:

    I hope I can come to the second Mammoth Saturday

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