We took the Salsa [DEFENSE OF SNOW DAY]


As I was adding defenses to the event schedule I noticed the Nachos were scheduled to invade the ACP. I looked at the schedule and saw that the invasion was in 3 minutes. I rallied up all online RPF and I went over to ACP chat and told them they were about to be invaded. I helped lead ACP since no leader’s were on and the only online owner went afk for a few moments and wasn’t even ACP. This defense wasn’t scheduled on either RPF or ACP site. We logged on and found the Nachos in town, immediately went into formation and started to fight them off. Together RPF & ACP maxed about 15+, Nachos maxed 7. Here are pictures from the epic battle. As usual, the Nachos were defeated but still claimed victory.

While I was leading RPF & helping lead ACP I was also spying on the Nacho Chat – Here are some pictures of how the Nachos operate. 



https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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2 comments on “We took the Salsa [DEFENSE OF SNOW DAY]
  1. snaily5 says:

    Those are great screen shots of Nacho chat. Nachos still have no honor, can’t admit defeat and will post otherwise, thus poisoning the minds of the viewers to their web site, just like this past summer. Great job RPF UK division in once again beating the Nachos. We KNOW we won, we proved we won and you are to be congratulated.

  2. Lop2009 says:

    We won, now lets talk about who invasions work. So one army is invading and the army can go where ever. They can even hide. So you couldn’t find us so you logged off so that means we win. 😀 [rpf idiots]

    ~ Lop2009

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