Just a Short Note here for Mods/Owners

We had an incident today that we learned a valuable lesson from and I really wanted to share that for the benefit of the whole army, especially addressing our mods and owners.  Right now, and always, we recruit heavily and get many new people into our chat.  They are nervous and anxious since they don’t know anybody or how this army operates or even the chat rules.  Today we had someone just off of Club Penguin and they were in our chat spamming.  A very good mod kicked the person for spam and the new recruit got so upset for being kicked, they left for good, even though the mod apologized and explained why they kicked the person.  Although we lost a new recruit, this incident possibly saved us from losing many more.

When we have new recruits come into our chat and they break a rule, like spamming, we should give them a verbal warning that what they are doing is called “spam” and that is not allowed in the chat.  Then direct them downward on the chat to the RPF Rules.  Obviously, if that person continues to spam and break rules, they will have to be kicked or banned, but try not to kick a new person at first, instead educate them and let them off on a warning.  Not only will they appreciate this second chance, since they did not know, but it’s a way of opening up conversation and getting to know one another.

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