Abominable Unscheduled for Ausia

Ausia Temp LIT Andy held another unscheduled training session in preparation for the upcoming battles in WW7.  The training session was held on server Abominable.  Our great Ausia troops maxed 8 and averaged 6.  We are going to keep training and recruiting to build this division, so make sure to check our schedule on the front of the RPF site here and click on the link to direct you to that.

We have several troops that are really doing well in the Ausia Division, and I’d like to give a shout out to them in recognition of their efforts.  Andy is temporary Leader in Training right now and has done a fantastic job!  I’m very impressed with him and I see a future leader of Ausia Division very soon.  Steve Francis has been really showing a lot of effort and enthusiasm as well in this division.  Great job to you Steve Francis!  Luffy is a loyal, great, valuable soldier who attends the events, thanks to you!   Pizza Ninja not only has a fun name, but this person is a fun soldier as well and participates in our events with such enthusiasm.  Thanks Pizza Ninja!  For the rest of the troops, keep coming to the battles and joining us in RPF chat for some good times in the Ausia Division.   You’re doing great Ausia!

Now for those pics from Abominable……




Click READ MORE to see more pics!




Thanks Ausia troops and Andy for having a good unscheduled training on Abominable!

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One comment on “Abominable Unscheduled for Ausia
  1. Andy says:

    It wasn’t so big, but events need to be posted about, however they may be. 😉

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