Marshmallow Invaded

Hello RPF!  Today, 10/13/13, we logged onto Marshmallow to invaded, the Light Troops of their server.  To our surprise, LT ignored our invasion.  Therefore we automatically win the invasion of Marshmallow :D.  We started out on the Berg, maxing 20 and averaging 16.  Then we moved to the forts, qualifying this event as a successful invasion.  I am proud of all RPF members today at how well you listened to your 2ics.  Everyone deserves a “pat on the back.”  Great job today.  Here are the pictures from today’s event: Click “Read More” to view the pictures.

Chat size

Our Chat Size. We had 2 full chats


Our wonder X formation with E+K


Our “When Darkness Falls” Tactic


E+T in the forts


Proof that RPF Invaded “Marshmallow”

Great job today RPF!  Comment if you were in attendance of this event.

~78562cool, RPF 2ic

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8 comments on “Marshmallow Invaded
  1. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:

    First 😀
    I came

  2. Test55235 says:

    Woot, I came! I’m, “Against Animal Cruelty” in the chat list

    – Test55235

  3. LilStar says:

    I came today! Awesome job as always RPF.

  4. you dont get a server from a raid, you [REMOVED]

  5. Jediknight57 says:

    I attended. Too bad the Light Troops didn’t show up. We had them a ”beat-up” surprise. Well maybe next time 🙂

    *Correction: The second picture should say below Our wonder X formation with E+K*

    Good job Rebel Penguin Federation 😀 Fight the good fight!

  6. Andy says:

    Ignorant LT. They’ll be left with nothing.

  7. Sir Pj says:

    It was a scheduled invasion. Both Spi and Waterkid were notified 24 hours in advance.

  8. DJJ says:


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