Declaration Of WAR (FUN)

Note: Yes, this is a real declaration of war, not a joke. Commando decided to have a little fun though xD. A full event schedule in a clearer format will be released soon.

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Light War

We are the Rebel Penguin Federation. We are the best army. Lets go show Light Troops what we’ve got!

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14 comments on “Declaration Of WAR (FUN)
  1. aquabluejet1 says:

    i lik kities
    -sofistekated ice wariur

  2. ultipenguinj says:

    Now we are at war with LT?! What did they do to us?!

  3. crose003 says:

    umm…is this a prank or something? I’m confused guys!

  4. Sir Pj says:

    nope, its real. Just Commando decided to have some fun xD

  5. Applebiter says:

    man, lt is gonna die because of you. thanks a lot

  6. Sir Pj says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

  7. ɴιcĸЗ2228 rpғ 2ιc \\ rpғ ғтw //// says:

    I like this

  8. Andy says:

    War keeps us busy, guys! GO THROW SOME LIGHT!
    Waterkid, and Spi come at us!

    Commando, I can attend the UK invasions, and that was hilarious..

  9. snaily5 says:


  10. thepurplesil says:

    Yeah,we will turn their lights off 😉

  11. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    Hey guys, I haven’t really bothered with you guys in a week, so can you stop with God damn slander already? I don’t like checking on armies after doing my own thing for a bit, and finding you guys started a war over something I supposedly said.

    Why would I give the people I despise information to help them?

    Everytime I get over your crap, you do something else to piss me off. I have better things to do, but I’m not going to just stand around while you guys slander my name and use bs intel from me to declare war on armies.

  12. RebelForce says:

    Are these real events? That we’re attending?

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