FREE Codes in Club Penguin!


RPF, it’s time once again to post my UPDATED list of FREE COIN CODES for Club Penguin.  Many of you already have these codes if you’ve been here a while, but we have a lot of amazing new soldiers in RPF who might not have them.  If you are new to RPF, one of the FREE ITEM CODES is also a part of our RPF uniform, EPFAGENT.  Again, as mentioned, I’ve UPDATED my lists with the most recent codes at the bottom.

The count so far in codes for FREE COINS is at 76,000!  Whoa, that’s a lot of items from the various catalogs in Club Penguin.  So get your codes here and redeem them asap for some amazing items in our favorite game, Club Penguin!

Due to this graphic for the codes being HUGE, please click READ MORE to view the FREE CODES and remember your favorite army that brought them to you, RPF.  If you have not joined our amazing army, please click on the join page and make a comment to join.  I will rank you ASAP.  Don’t forget our EPIC battle tomorrow against the Light Troops in Club Penguin.  RPF is going to be victorious!

unlock items


See you on the battlefield!!

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7 comments on “FREE Codes in Club Penguin!
  1. Junie says:

    Thank you for the codes Snaily, it’ll be good if noyone questions for codes on chat, it is good if you did do a post about it, Thank you for the codes.
    ~~Snaily5 Edit: You are welcome Junie. I just want everyone to have fun in CP

  2. snaily5 says:


  3. jediknight57 says:

    Thanks for the codes Snaily 😀 I’ll see if I can put all of them today 🙂

  4. NyanRebel(RebelForce) says:

    Finally RPF is putting some clubpenguin codes on! Nice to see 70+ codes on the site

  5. ryanbunda says:

    what about the code ELPIRATA for an eye patch? do you know about that one?

  6. snaily5 says:

    Oh yes! I forgot to add that one. Thanks so much for brining that error to my attention 😀

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