The Conclusion

As partisans of the (United Servers of the) Rebel Penguin Federation, we represent as a militaristic and political coalition of well-trained, highly intelligent renegades whose simple task is to wreak havoc behind enemy lines in any way they see fit, through following the code of law and by fighting the good fight, in order to take down tyrannical supremacy-like leaders and armies that threaten the peace, prosperity, and evolution of war and politics in all of Club Penguin.

[^ RPF Preamble ^]

After days of planning, the RPF leadership has come to a conclusion with the ranking system of RPF. Several days ago, a few individuals attempted to remove Elmikey from the RPF leadership. Due to this, elections were held to decide the fate of RPF. In the end, Elmikey was victorious. RPF went along with Elmikey as USRPF President for about a day, then Commando717 wrote about a “Compromise” where he would be President, the RPF would have a governmental congress, and Elmikey was a Rebel Commander, this was temporary until things were sorted out.

Things are sorted out.

After more days of planning, and sleepless nights, I made several systems of possible leadership layouts, and one particular system of ranks worked best. In the end, it ended as number 1 in three different systems, it beat out the second system almost 5/1. But enough with the statistics, RPF has come to a conclusion. Now, to simplify things, these will be the rankings,

USRPF President: Elmikey

USRPF Vice President: Red Gush24

RPF US/UK/AUSIA Leaders: Flappy, Pj, Luc, Snaily.

Etc etc. Now, RPF will continue with the Congress. There will be a Senate, House of Represenatives, and a Supreme Court. The Senate will compose of 7 high ranking officers of the RPF. The House of Represenatives will consist of 5 RPF soldiers, and the Judicial System will consist of 3 RPF Judges. In each of these branches, there will be a head, which will be the Vice President. Alright, so here’s a rough draft, or simple outline of the rankings.

|USRPF President|

Takes care of most decisions, as it was before, the president will also be expected to lead as a leader. Also being in main control, although does not have full control. The President must consult the VP, Congress, etc. in order to follow up with a decision. The Congress is capable of vetoing the Presidents decisions.

|USRPF Vice President|

The USRPF Vice President will handle about the same things as the President, although does not have the same ability. The VP will be head of each of the Congressional Groups. (Senate, House, Supreme Court.) The VP will also be expected to lead as if they are a leader.


The RPF leaders/Rebel Commanders are in charge of average leading/posting/scheduling events, etc. The leaders are eligable to be a part of the Congress, but are not eligable to become head unless the VP is absent.

|RPF Second In Commands|

RPF 2ics are expected to do the same overall job as a leader. They do not have power such as a leader, although they are expected to lead/attend-events/post/schedule-events. The 2ics have expectations which are mentioned elsewhere. The 2ics also are eligable to participate in Congress, just as the rest of RPF, again, are not eligable to be head.

Like I said, this is mainly the overall outline of the system, there’s much more to it, but it’s not important at this moment. This has been stated as RPF’s final decision with rankings, and we know this will succeed, and we hope you will participate. The elections/decisions for Congress will be released soon enough once RPF has this system fixed into place, and we’re running smoothly.

RPF’s future looks bright. When Darkness Falls, We Rise. This is our time RPF, this is our time to rise, to conquer, to succeed. That’s all for now.

-Red Gush24

Fight The Good Fight

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2 comments on “The Conclusion
  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    I’m sure you guys expect me to rant about Elm being president.

    Nah, I really don’t care.

    My purpose was to make sure no one gets banned just for criticising someone again. That the constitution is respected. I hope this new government follows this.

    If not.

    Don’t expect a opposition political party. Don’t expect a civil war. Don’t expect me sitting around complaining.

    Whatever I do, it will be quick and effective. And no amount of bans, lies, or slander will stop it.

  2. Andy says:

    Good job, VP Red! XD
    I hoped that the House of Representatives would be bigger, like about ten representatives.
    I guess the Senate and House, are kind of the same since, each one of it will comprise of the same people; VP, 2ICs, and Rebel Commanders. Maybe, you should elect them separately, so we are provided with some opposition to bills. We can debates over decisions then. I hope you consider my opinion.

    AUSIA 2ic

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