Not to be Taken “Light”ly

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. 

~~Sun Tzu~~


Know the enemy on Saturday:
Light Troops

Ok RPF, it’s “war-mode” time so get that battle mentality in your brain and your game faces on.  This Saturday we are facing off against our allies, the Light Troops, an army with a reputation of being vicious and ruthless while having the capabilities of suddenly appearing in great numbers…out of nowhere.  Wary.  However, allies aside, this is a battle of epic proportions and no matter what their size and strength, they are no match for the mighty forces of the RPF.  We are rough, tough, and we’re gonna show them our stuff!  How?  By deploying our mighty forces into the tournament server simultaneously to obliterate and extinguish their light.  The Marines will air drop with stealthness from the Hueys into the Town while the Air Force strikes from above, bombing the Snow Forts into smithereens and the Navy rushing the shores at the Beach.
RPF has battled against the “better” armies in Club Penguin and they have battled with us, the best.  This battle will be no different.  We are going to fight the good fight and claim victory against the Light Troops on Saturday, marching us one step closer to the sweet prize of winning the CPAC Champions Cup II tournament and bringing home the gold.  I want it.  I’m willing to fight hard for it.  If you want too, then unite all RPF divisions and branches and…

Fight with all your might the good fight!


signature advisor rpf


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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5 comments on “Not to be Taken “Light”ly
  1. snaily5 says:

    Yea, you’ll shine my high heels! Mwahahahaaaaa

  2. NyanRebel(RebelForce) says:

    We will take home the gold and be proud! 😀

  3. kathy8479 says:

    Let’s go RPF! Turn off the lights 😉 & LOL @Snaily

  4. ultipenguinj says:

    xD @Snaily. Let’s do this.

  5. Scarlet/PinkFloyd56 says:

    GO RPF!!

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