SirLoyalty(Kwi3) = Retirement of RPF

Hey Rebels !

Well , as what the title say , I am retiring. I spend 7 months in RPF , everyday excites me to be with the Rebels . When I was Corporal  ,  I’d cry whenever I miss events like its a big deal  , lolz . I didn’t want to miss any events. Of course , I didn’t want to get demoted XD . Anyways , my reasons for my retirement is because I decided to go on a Exploration Mission. I wanna experience all the CP armies on what they are like how I experience in RPF .  I don’t know when I’ll finish this mission but all I know  , Its gonna take more than a Year . Yea , sad but true . I can merely believe that I’m retiring . I am honored to have my peers with me and to fight against the enemy together . We may have lost sometimes . yet sticking together and having Teamwork is better than winning 🙂

Well , I’m gonna say my last TBH notes to these people I will remember the most. I will never forget them

Commando : Ever since I joined RPF  , you opened up my path to be a good soldier. I walked on that path and you showed me what it takes to be a great soldier . In all events , you showed me pride and to never leave anybody behind. I was a little corporal back then. After 3 months of fighting for RPF , I was a Colonel . 7 months later , look what I am now . A 3ic of RPF . See? Rebels who are reading this , this is how you work hard to get promoted . Don’t just demand for a promo , you gotta have patience . I never would’ve gotten this far if it weren’t for you , Commando sir . It was an honor to have you on my side . You’re like a Father to me.  *Salute*

Elmikey : Ah. I have many great things  say to you , but don’t worry , I’ll make this short for you 🙂  During my times in war , your always a helping hand . I remember , your the ONE that led us to 80+ before. I will never forget that day. It was a miracle , and YOU led it. I was grateful to have you as my leader. You lead great so far . Also , its amazing how you can still stand when your ddos or dox like a million times! I see now ….No ddos or hack can’t stop you from Victory 😀 Your one heck of a leader , you know . *salute*

Snaily : Oh yes…the Typo Queen! I will remember you most of all . Your my favorite one in RPF . You treated me like a little brother and I treated you as a older sister . I won’t forget you . Ever . I will remember you at all times. Your always on my back and making sure that everything will stand right. You walked with me to my path of being a great soldier . And also , you walked with me on how to be a great leader on that path.  Your my sister/mother/teacher lolz. Its cray-cray yet its true 😀   You taught me everything , especially typo’s XD . Well…anyways….we will have to separate for now 😦 . Thanks for everything , I appreciated. *salute* ❤ ❤ ❤

Flappy : Your a cool type of RPF.  I admire you . Your always good at leading . I always wanted to be like you . When you were a Marine Leader  , you showed all the Marines what is right and wrong. You taught us the Right Path for RPF. I won’t forget you as well. It was an honored to have you on my side. *salute*

Dj*****: You were better in RPF , now look at you . You were , as one of my leaders , a great teacher. You were magnificent . I’ve always admired you . But ever since you started that Rebellion , I was disgusted . The way I see you , is like a Evil Villain that wants to takeover RPF. You keep saying Elmikey’s is evil due to his dictatorship , yet..I see who’s the REAL evil one here. You disgust me . I dishonored your pride. I lost a lot of respect from you. I still believe you know what is right or wrong.

Brooke : Ahh. The Princess of RPF . Your beautiful , its just too powerful. I use to like you , but I notice my GF will get pissed XD Anways , I got a lot to say , but I’m gonna make this short . I treated you as my sister , you were one of my favorite kind. You helped me through bad things. I always got your back , but all this time …you got my back.  Whenever I made a mistake , your always there to protect me . Your like an angel spreading its wings over me against the enemies. I will surely remember you the most , sis.  It was an honor to have you in my side as well. *salute* ❤ ❤ >3

Garret: Man….Party Rockin Master! Your a cool guy to hang. You sing great especially XD. Whenever RPF is bored , your the one who is like ” Yo! LETS PARTY” and we’re like ” YEAAH!!!” XD . Your funny too. Your a great leader as well 🙂 I won’t forget you also. I will remember that your the one that took over leading when all other leaders were ddos. That was awesome on what you did there. You cool bruh 🙂 *salute*

Kevin : I admire you a lot . I may be older than you , but I see you as my Big Brother . Your cool to be with though. I respect you. You were one of the coolest leaders I’ve ever known. I still believe you will come back to RPF . Have a great journey out there wherever you are 🙂

Lilstar : Yes! My favorite star ! My Little one especially 😉 Your awesome to be with. Ever since we were Sergeants , we were buddies. We were also rivals and we both fought hard together. You will always be one of my BFF. I am very happy that we met. If it weren’t for you , I would been bored. Your like an awesome sister. Thanks for your supporting in all my career.  🙂  *salute* ❤ ❤ ❤

Ultipenguinj and Jesse Pinkman : You guys are my favorite ones especially. Your were my left and right hand men. You guys were always there ever since I made up the followers. I chose you guys for a reason. You guys are loyal , respectful , and have full of pride. Jesse , your a cool guy to hang out with and to talk with . And Ulti , your a very cool turtle lolz You made me have happiness instead of getting mad. You both are the first ,awesome guys to work under me. I respect you both. I owe you guys one.  *salute*

Kathy ; Yeah! My CP Twin! We became buddies when we were the only ones with the same uniforms. It was funny af. It was cool to have you on my side especially. I owe you a lot , Twin buddy. Your always there for me. Whenever I am depress , you make me happy. Thanks for all those times , Kathy. I will remember you as well . 🙂  *salute* ❤ ❤ ❤

####Cool : You are gonna be a great leader ! I can see that clearly . You were great to have on my side. You got skills man. Your way more experience than me . I can tell. Your were not only my leader but my friend. Your a great friend to have . I am glad your with me . Thanks for being a great friend and a great leader . When I come back , promise you will be the Leader of RPF when I’m done with my mission. Promise me , Friend 🙂 *salute*

To other high ranks and leadership : To all of you especially , I want you to promise me this…open every path of being a great Rebel to every soldiers. When I’m done with my mission , I better see you guys as top leadership. Especially SeanPaul08 , Hefman , Vo yo , Ponchomel , and all others. Promise me 🙂 

To other Rebels / Cadets / Troops : If you want promos so bad , work hard. I am your example. If you walk the same path from the path I took , you will be like me. Working hard is same as having Victory 😉 Promise me you guys will be great soldiers of RPF. You guys are the special ones. Who cares about ranks anyways? The only thing we are suppose to care is that we are RPF . We will always have Victory by working together 😀 *salute*

*sigh* Well…that’s all I have to say now.  If you need me , man..I’m gonna be rare for you to find. So make sure you add me in xat whenever you need me . and btw , I will be glad once you add me on CP . User is Kwi3. If you want to contact me , Email :   or Kik user : SirLoyalty

Alrighty…Bye Rebels! Deuces! 

I know life is unfair, but this is fuckin' ridiculous.

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16 comments on “SirLoyalty(Kwi3) = Retirement of RPF
  1. LilStar says:

    Kwi. Im like crying. Imma miss you so much. Please come visit chat often. You were such a wonderful troop… you were such a wonderful friend. We shared so many experiences together and I wish you the best awesome brother. 🙂

  2. SirLoyalty(Kwi3) ~God of Supporting~ says:

    Comment your opinion! 🙂

  3. Silverburg says:

    You forgot to thank me. cring

  4. kathy8479 says:

    You’re an incredible person. Cya soon twin, gonna miss those times ❤ I'll remember you. *salute*

  5. 2001Viper/RPF Puffle says:

    Sir loyalty if you ever come back before your mission is over remember to friend me so i remember you. I will truly miss you*salute*

  6. 2001Viper/RPF Puffle says:

    I will miss you

  7. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    I remember when you were a nooblet. Look how far you’ve come. You were once that annoying corporal begging for a rank, now you’re a fantastic soldier that belongs in RPF. Have fun with retirement 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    Exploration, in the sense, joining other armies? You have been my best of friends, but I don’t think you thought the same. Anyway, miss you bro.

  9. snaily5 says:

    Omg Kwi, your retirement post is awesome! My little RPF bro, you did so many great things for RPF. You worked and played hard moving up the ranks from your dedication, effort, contributions, loyalty, and attitude while in RPF. You set the standard of excellence in what it takes and what it means to be a high quality soldier, an inspiration and role model to all. RPF takes a huge hit with your retirement because you were one of the best and the other armies you explore are lucky to have your service. They’d better treat you right of feel the wrath of a vicious snail. 😉
    Anyhow, on behalf of RPF, I salute you with the highest honors Kwi and wish for you the best in everything you do. Please keeep in touch with me brother in xat and kik. I’m always there for you. I’m looking forward to battling against you soon and snowballing the heck out of you! 😀
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. snaily5 says:

    Dang, not enough typos in ny comentt to yoou. Hope.this makes up.fornit. LMAO

  11. seanpaul08 says:

    Good Luck on your path and there is always a spot for you to return to RPF if you decide to. *salutes*

  12. ultipenguinj says:

    Nooooooo KWI!!! CYA BUDDY **salutes**

  13. Kwi, you have a future here ahead of you. From your experience in RPF there is no doubt in my mind seeing you lead another army like this one to victory. You’re a prime example of a great solider, a great officer, and even a great leader. In everything you do, take this experience with you, and continue to fight the good fight.

    It was a pleasure working with you this summer.



  14. SirLoyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    T-T I won’t forget any of you , I’ll finish this mission as fast as I can 🙂 When I’m done , i’ll come back accomplish and will able to hang out with my rebels. Thank you guys for everything , I wouldn’t make this far if it weren’t for you kindness and friendship 😉

  15. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    It was a pleasure working with you Kwi. You might not be a leader, but I sure admire you like one. I hope you have a great success along your journey. We’ll probably meet again soon. :P. Till then. Good bye. *Salutes*

    P.S. I promise Ill help RPF as much as possible.

    -Vo Yo

  16. Mo10000 says:

    yes you are right with *Pj

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