A Compromise

I had an idea that should fix everything for the time being. We’re going to go ahead and elect the Senate, House, and Supreme Court. So I figured that we should also keep the Presidency as another position that enforces checks and balances. So basically, this structure:


The RPF army consists of the current leadership. With Elmikey also being added as a Rebel Commander.

The USRPF Government will consist of the President and branches to ensure that the RPF army and USRPF are fair. So basically, RPF will have the first successful governmental structure since 2008 once the elections are over with. For the time being, I, Commando717, will be the acting President of the people until a election is given. The President, will be a position for retired RPF members or Advisors to take over. They have no direct control of RPF army activities, but they do make sure RPF army activities are just.

The RPF army itself acts as a Oligarchy when making decisions.

I didn’t have much time to make this post, so that is all for now, and I hope that fixes everything! We have to remember that RPF is a team effort, and we will be unsuccessful without that element. We take these steps to win together. This is the greatest generation since RPF’s beginning, and I’m happy to help make it possible for you all. Legends are made here. So let’s write another chapter together in RPF’s great story.

~ Commando717

Fight The Good Fight, Always

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5 comments on “A Compromise
  1. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    I agree and I hope it ends soon.

  2. thepurplesil says:

    It seems pretty fair to me 🙂

  3. snaily5 says:

    Equal leadership ftw. Now let’s march forward as a stronger army and recruit/train our penguin buns off and prepare for war!

  4. flappy112 says:

    This seems alright. On the other hand, Commando could you come on chat soon and owner me as well as add me back as an editor? Thanks
    ~RPF Leader Flappy

  5. ultipenguinj says:

    Nice, also, Commando, add me to the site too.

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