Event Schedule!




Saturday —VICTORY

Date: October 5th, 2013


RPF vs Nachos


4pm EST, 3pm CST, 2pm MST, 1pm PST, 9pm GMT 

Server: TBA


Sunday-Ausia Division PB–VICTORY

Date: October 6th, 2013



3:01pm SGT

12:31pm IST

8:01am UK

 3:01am EST, 2:01am CST, 1:01am MST, 12:01am PST 

Server: Arctic




Date: October 6th, 2013


3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, noon PST, 8pm GMT 

Server: TBA


We’ve won amazing tournaments before and we shall fight as RPF always does, fighting in this tournament with valor to maintain our #1 ranking in CP armies!

All RPF, regardless of the Division you are in, are to attend all events that you can possibly make.  If you are in RPF chat during an battle, you are RPF and you are in CP fighting the good fight as well.



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15 comments on “Event Schedule!
  1. Test55235 says:

    I can attend October 2nd’s US event but I can’t do the RPF vs Nachos battle on Saturday 😦

  2. Andy says:

    I can attend the UK recruiting sessions, but not the division battle and the Nachos battle. 😦
    You know why.

  3. Jediknight57 says:

    Sadly, the friday and weekend events are too late and just might not attend. I can’t go on Saturday RPFvsNachos because on saturday I have to sleep early for next day church and sunday I cant stay late because next day is school, I’ might just not get on sunday at all, but Friday, I might, since sometimes, usuallly, most of the times I sleep late until one o clock, lets see if my dad lets me sleep that late, there could be a possibility I might make it to Friday event, as for now, idk. Well cya 😉

  4. St Ransor says:

    I can go to the 7:00pm and the 6:00pm GMT times. I’m not too sure about the 8:00pm one though.

  5. NicWin100 says:

    I can attend all except for UK recruiting session. I’m still in school at 1 PM EST.

  6. Andy says:

    I can attend October 3 UK recruitment session! Unfortunately, the AR war has been reportedly shifted to 12 am PST, which is midnight for me. 😦
    Also, the Sunday Champions Cup battle vs Water Ninjas is impossible for me, since it is midnight for me again. I’ll see if I can stay up for the Nachos PB…

  7. Starvsblack2 says:

    idk if I can make some of these events I’ve been sick a lot lately

  8. Starvsblack2 says:

    might make a couple but not todays or saturdays

  9. ultipenguinj says:

    idk if i can come

  10. Rockingyaz says:

    So what does “4rd” mean exactly? XD

  11. Starvsblack2 says:

    can’t do 12 am one or 8 am one

  12. thepurplesil says:

    I will be totally there Saturday,Oct.5 😉

  13. thepurplesil says:

    And I’m also 90% sure that I can attend Sunday tournament too 🙂

  14. 2001Viper says:

    i was there at the friday one

  15. RebelForce says:

    Im pretty sure that I cant come to any event… because of school for one and the other two becuase the events are too late

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