Rebel Friendship Entertainment Season Continues…. :D

Hey Rebels!  Sir Loyalty here!

So hey , I see the Apocalypse is winning 😀 !  Yet , its still not too late to vote [ If you haven’t vote yet , click here

Just remember , the deadline will be at Oct. 3 in 11:59pm. 

Alrighty , I have receive permission to those who are gonna help out. But suddenly, I kinda forgot , sorry for my short memory , it happens sometimes 😉 So this is probably not important to Troops under Leadership  . This topic is 90% for the Warlords and Leaders and also Moderators . Sorry Rebels 😦    But hey , at least your gonna have fun being in it,  that’s your part to be Talented and Awesome! 

So Warlords and + . RFES [Rebel Friendship Entertainment Season]  needs your help , at least maximum 7-9 . If there isn’t enough , well that looks like I’ll be choosing and asking permission to those under leadership to help out 🙂  So below, those who ARE gonna help out , thanks a lot. I sworn I’ll owe you back one day,  Your ‘re not just helping out to keep the Activities awesome , your helping out to make our Rebels  to be grateful and happy with their friends. This will keep our friendship levels very high 😀

Below , follow the questions and answer them properly. Once send, it will be sended to Kwi3’s Email to confirm your helpful decree. 

Deadline : October 2nd  , 11:59pm


Important Note :

P.s I’m sorry but I might be inactive this week. So if you need to contact me , kik me   User : SirLoyalty. 

Why am I gonna be inactive? I am currently failing school and my Father is very disappointed in me 😦 I will try my best to make him proud of me. Yet, I am grounded also for the week due to Grades also. 


Comment your opinion below 🙂

Edit: Some Moderators can help out also 🙂

I know life is unfair, but this is fuckin' ridiculous.

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One comment on “Rebel Friendship Entertainment Season Continues…. :D
  1. Teigan says:

    (I’m a moderator) What are we going to help out with Kwi3? – Teigan

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