Presidents Message to the Rebel Commander’s of RPF

Do not rely on anyone else except yourself. It frustrates me that you expect me to do everything. It seems like if I don’t make the event schedule we’ll go all week without events. Someones also approving join comments without putting the CP Name on the ranks, if it happens again I will demote you. I can no longer tolerate anymore nonsense I will not hesitate to take executive action. I became president to take a load off my back and I feel like it’s just gotten heavier even with having multiple commander’s which only causes drama and somehow makes my job harder. That doesn’t make sense but somehow it’s true. I know for a fact if I don’t get on for an entire week that RPF will drop below #5 which totally irritates me because what I do isn’t even hard and you depend on me and I’m telling you right now you shouldn’t. That was a message to the leaders.

Message to Members/Officers:  If you see any owner acting inappropriate or breaking rules please take a picture and show “Elmikey”, “Snaily5”, “Brooke”, or “Commando717”.

Sorry this wasn’t a happy post I apologize but as always fight the good fight. Look forward to videos + more this week. I’ll try and get some good battles scheduled for later this week. Also those UPA look like they’ll be some fun hopefully something massive forms out of that and armies will go back to competing to be the biggest army on ClubPenguin and go back to snowball wars instead of smiley face formation 15 minute photosessions twice a week for cpac. I hate that. I want you to be able to log in CP whenever you want and find groups of armies battling all the time. I hate that armies revolve around CPAC and XAT it is the worst and it does not appeal to the players of CP.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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5 comments on “Presidents Message to the Rebel Commander’s of RPF
  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    I’d do something, but I’m Warlord. Lawl.

  2. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    And I’m still rusty.

  3. Andy says:

    I have caught owners doing inapp, and demeaning things about 20 times, since I joined here. =/

  4. Teigan says:

    I totally agree with you. I have seen a few owners break the rules and they said if I tell anyone they will demote me so I kinda kept quite but I didn’t have lightshot then so I cant show you. 🙂 But anyway I will keep you informed as a moderator if I see any activity! 😉 – Teigan

    Snaily5 Edit: Teigan, please come to me if you see any owners breaking the rules and I will address it immediately with that individual and decide the course of action to take. All owners and mods are required as part of their responsibilities to behave in a certain code of conduct and be good examples to all of RPF and the CP army community. If an owner or mod threatens you in any way, please inform me at once. This behavior is NOT acceptable and NONE of our troops shall be blackmailed, threatened, or intimidated while I am in RPF. I am private and open so please come to me. If you need me right away, I’ll give you my email in PC. Thanks Teigan for your valuable comment. 😀

  5. Junie says:

    Well yes, I do see inappropriate things happening, I see that owners are like doing a lot of mean stuff that hesitates to make RPF “not happy” Sometimes, I see owners swearing. And i see Owners demoting people.
    I agree. Definetley there are owners out there trying to make us a lower level. I`ll try to catch a owner doing bad things, I`ll tell to either ‘Brooke,’ ‘Elmikey,’ ‘Snaily5’ or ‘Commando717’

    And If i see Members, Guests, or Moderators doing bad stuff, I`ll either kick or ban the Guests/Members and i`ll tell an owner of the mod right away.

    I hesitate to try guarding the chat, just like the rest of the Moderators and Owners, anyhow, Owners may cause inapropritate things, but I don`t want the RPF Chat sad. I`ll try to tell Brooke, Elmikey, Snaily, or Commando right away.


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