Hey RPF!  Today, we trained on our capital server “Tuxedo”  RPF averaged 20+ and maxed 25. It was a great training session and promotions were given out to a few people. I’ve never seen RPF go into formations as well as we did today. I hope we can keep this up and continue to grow.

We started off in the town

Training 1

Training 5

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Training 2

Training 3

Then, we quickly shuffled into the ice berg.

Training 4

Training 5

Training 7

Our training session was a success. Thank you to all who attended. Keep up the great work and remember to check for upcoming events!


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  1. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    I attended, amazing PB RPF, keep up the good work !

  2. Teigan says:

    I came to it Lilstar nice post btw lol. Well done to everyone. *claps* 😀

  3. Snowflake 92 says:

    Ahh, been so long scince ive been to an event.I guess that this would count for my favorite so far this month.

  4. kathy8479 says:

    I attended. Awesome work RPF! You are amazing troops & I’m proud to stand beside you in the Rebel Penguin Federation.


  5. RebelForce says:

    I attended but I left in the middle of the practice battle because of the reason: “staying on the computer while eating breakfast.”

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