Aus/Asia Division’s First Event a Success

RPF‘s Aus/Asia Division had our very first event today which was a combo training session and recruiting on the very busy server of Abominable.  We deployed to the Iceberg where many enthusiastic civilians were hanging out smiling and drilling.  We maxed 8 troops, which is amazing for the first event of this newly formed elite division of RPF, and averaged 6.   Roggy, Aus/Asia Division LIT (Leader in Training) was unable to make this event, so I led it solo, lag and all.  LOL.  This division is just beginning though and we envision great numbers soon because we have the best charter troops recruiting and getting their friends to join the fun of the RPF Aus/Asia Division.

Here are some pics of our busy event on Abominable:



Click read more for more pictures!







Special thanks to Peguin21795 and Flamearies68 for taking pictures of our event.

If you are interested in joining this amazing division as a charter member, and make RPF history for being the starter of something big, comment on the DIVISIONS page for the time being so I can get the ranks together asap.

I’ll see everyone same time tomorrow, same server for our next training/recruiting session!  Great Job!

Fight the Good Fight

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6 comments on “Aus/Asia Division’s First Event a Success
  1. jedi4590 says:

    i really want these events after 4 hours so i could attend. 😦

  2. snaketeja says:

    I came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Abhinav54321 says:

    I came too.
    But snaily ineeded to talk to u about it.
    My exams are over on 28th so are my holidays in between the exams.
    As I live in India,these events are at morning for me.
    So, I want these events after 4 hours so even I could attend each of them very easily as Jedi has this problem of not coming due to college timings too!!!
    Please do something about it.
    I’ll look forward and serve the RPF in the best way I could find.

  4. snaily5 says:

    We will br moving these events to a more suitable time for you. I amd leader and creator/organizer right now getting this division established. Roggy is Leader in Training. As soon as you guys are trained and stable, you will be independent and I will step down from Leader, handing the path of your future to you. i will remain Advisor and oversee your operations and help as much as I can for you to be successful. We can do this Aus/Asian Division because you are a vital part of RPF and RPF has the best troops in CP armies.
    So hang in there, soon it will be in your hands and times will be optimal for you. 😀

  5. Andy says:

    The LIT should be there really, or there’s no use. Man, I jumbled the timings between PST and IST, so couldn’t attend. I arrived shortly after you said “Goodbye” and left Abominable.

  6. NeonRainbow says:

    We improved greatly compared to our first event 🙂 we will improve even more FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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