About Elmikey – Elm’s History & More! The Great Forgotten


I am an RPF Creator my name is Elmikey and I was the first Second In Command of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I joined in May 2007 and retired after summer. I returned to RPF in May of 2013 because someone told me the original site was back so I checked it out and looked around and saw the state of armies. I couldn’t sit back I had to take action. I re-joined RPF as adviser and took it into my hands to put RPF/Armies back on track. Since my return I’ve gone places no ones ever gone before. I’ve been put through the extreme test, the community as a whole were misled into attacking me. The media was used to demonize myself and the RPF. We were attacked by many internet attacks such as extreme cyber-bullying of RPF leaders/troops. DDoS attacks where the victims internet is shut down for a period of time so the enemy can have a better chance of victory during battle. DoX attacks to get personal information to black-mail you. I receive hate-mail on a regular basis. They tried to break us but they couldn’t and trust me they gave it all they had. Everyone who tried to stand up to the rulers of armies were threatened and became a victim. The CP Army leaders on Top even were against going on Club Penguin at all. I could not stand for this I just couldn’t I had to return to remove these types of people from power. Or at least balance things out. Not just me but all the leaders and members of the RPF fell victim to the powers that be. I knew that most of the community were victims too they just didn’t see it. I joined and retired in 2007. I kicked off years of history and I could not let it fall apart because the leaders of this community who took our places ultimately failed. CP Armies were on a disaster path and they needed saved. I returned to help all of you, I brought all these great, kind, caring people together to create something better. We were immediately bashed by those who knew we were about to rise fast. Public opinion was swayed against us. The very people we were here to help trying to hurt us and knock us down. Why? Simply because the media/army news swayed them into going against us when in fact we’re the good guys. We fought through insane tactics thrown at us from the enemy, maybe in the future someone will truly recognize what RPF went through during the RPF vs Nacho wars and how symbolic it is that RPF refused to retaliate with unconventional methods and still went on to overcome it all and win by playing by the rules while the enemy did not. Everyone called us liars and said we were making it up. We know what we went through and all the leaders held each-others hands for support to get through it all. In-fact it was terrifying, we went through hell. I did not know that our enemies were that desperate to win (and still lost). Together we all kept our heads high and fought the good fight as hard as we could. I hope you read my post and understand myself/RPF/CP Armies a little better after this read. I spent hours writing this and it comes straight from the heart.  

 I joined RPF a few days after Commando717 created the Rebel Penguin Federation. Our sole purpose was to defeat & take down the UMA. At that time armies only competed in one server (mammoth) and the goal was to be the best/biggest on the server. The two super-powers were the ACP and UMA. The ACP were unimaginably massive and UMA even bigger, each army averaged in the hundreds. At that time there were no event schedules so we never knew our true max. We just logged in and went to battle which occured 24/7 so you’d always be able to battle. Those two armies were battling in what seemed to be a never-ending-war.dozens even hundreds of armies were formed in attempt to compete with those two super-powers or assist in the war. Every army failed to compare….. except ONE. The Rebel Penguin Federation. The RPF formed because Commando717 didn’t allow anyone else to form his opinion for him. Instead he thought for himself and looked at what was going on and realized he was fighting for the bad guys. He wanted to fight the good fight so he and his real life friends formed the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF had about 5-10 members total after a couple of days until one day Commando717 and his friends went to the dance club on the server Mammoth and started chanting “JOIN RPF” RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF. At that same time Elmikey was walking through to go play a game upstairs and they caught my attention. I asked what’s RPF and Commando told me. Days before I joined I tried to create my own army and it failed because I had no help, no purpose and it was my first attempt, I always visioned myself being like Pink & Oagal.. Until I joined the RPF, RPF was just an idea hoping to become recognized. As soon as I joined I did things that would greatly benefit RPF and I did as much as I could. Commando contacted me on email soon after I commented the first time on the site and said “Elmikey is this really you!?!?” (we were pretty chill on CP I guess) and we emailed back and forth for some time on the regular. My goal was to impress Commando as much as I could so I’d go on CP and build RPF from the ground up.. I emailed dozens upon dozens of pictures of my recruiting sessions to Commando. I would be alone and within 5 minutes there’d be a massive crowd of new RPF members. I even filled up entire rooms infact it was the Ice Berg it was totally 100% RPF I left and couldn’t get back in cause it was full. I remember the chaos clearly their were like 10 people claiming to be leader lol…. Anyway I received multiple promotions within my first week of RPF and I became the highest rank under Commando717 even above all his real life friends. I decided we should make a rank called “Second in Command” so I could be the official RPF Leader while Commando was offline which was pretty often. I was 11 years old and recruited for RPF as much as I could. I decided that it wouldn’t be my job to make post’s on the home page and leave that to Commando. Instead I was recruiting/bringing in members trying to make RPF large. I succeeded. I joined in late May 07 and by Early/Mid June 2007 RPF was at superpower status alongside the ACP/UMA. RPF was continuing to grow with no end in sight. Unfortunately I was forced to go on a vacation for 2-3 weeks across the country to stay with my aunt and only allowed 1 hour on the computer every few days. My family knew I was spending nearly my whole summer on the computer and made me stop. During my leave I requested one of my best recruits “Rocket Ems” to be the Second in Command while I was gone. At that time RPF was so good and would just get better day by day. Once I returned from my “vacation” RPF was the largest most influential army in all of CP. I requested my previous rank back and was denied, instead they were offering me like 4th in Command since I was gone for so long or something like that sorry this was so long ago. I was disappointed but at the same time I was excited and happy for RPF. RPFs creation in summer 2007 is the reason why we’re all here together. Without RPF the ACP would have lost the war against UMA. The good fight would have been lost and the UMA would likely continued their CP Hacking to greatly degrade the quality of Club Penguin. Oagalthorp probably would have retired and ACP would fall instead of UMA. In the end I am happy that never happened and I would have never thought some noob like me would ever have such an impact on CP Armies in the way that Pink/Oagal did. Although due to my vacation and silent retirement I was never recognized for what I did for RPF & CP Armies. Without a doubt I truly believe that what I did many years ago greatly outweighs by accomplishments this summer and beyond. Sadly I became quite the gamer after being RPF and started playing other games since CP wasn’t kicking it after Disney bought it. I became addicted to those games and completely left RPF. I stopped keeping in touch a little after the Fever wars. Commando717 was still leading the RPF and I was satisfied knowing that I made this entire experience possible for him, myself and all of you. I recruited so many people into this community who went on to become army legends and many others who became influential individuals holding high ranks in top armies. Recruiting goes a far way.. You recruit 1 they could recruit nobody or thousands you never know. I know for a fact that most members in CP Armies were recruited by someone I recruited or was recruited by a recruit that I recruited and so on… I made RPF large and did everything I could for my army. We went on to make history and break records, Commando said that Oagalthorp himself said RPF became bigger than ACP. Since RPF was so large it was very influential and the leader/creator Commando717 had some ideas which were the “nations” (invading/defending servers/territory from armies) And a lot more. I regret leaving RPF to play time-wasting-games. I could have prevented a lot of things from happening and continued to make RPF/Armies better day-by-day. You can’t imagine the odds we faced, but I learned so much from all of that which really relates to the real world. The RPF faced incredible odds and pursued the impossible. Taking down the Pink Mafias Underground Mafias Army will always be my greatest accomplishment in CP Armies. We rebelled from a tyrannical imperialist empire who’s goals was to take-over CP and make hacks to ruin to quality of the game we enjoyed as little kids. After the Fever wars I was gone for good. I only visited chat once every few months to check out the new leadership since it changed often. I never really helped except for maybe giving some advise when I did appear in chat. RPF was always in my memory and I never went a few weeks without thinking of the things I did. I know this is just a game but the story behind us is very remarkable and I even relate it to the United States rebelling from Great Britain and defeating the British Empire in a war facing unimaginable odds to eventually become victorious and become something way better. During summer I’m usually bored since literally everyone I chill with often goes leaves for vacation all summer. Summer 2012 I was on the computer often to kill time by watching movies/shows and youtube or just playing random games or xbox. RPF never really crossed my mind after 2010/11, Commando returned in 2009 and he was so popular from 2007 that everyone came back to RPF and it was instant superpower with record breaking sizes but I decided not to return, I believe 2009 I was too busy with other games I moved onto to really focus on RPF so I never rejoined. I may have tried to return and was denied the rank I requested since all the ranks were taken which made me a little more annoyed on top of some things I didn’t agree with. At the same time I lost my interest because I was playing other games and I didn’t always agree with Commando. I also admit that I wasn’t the happiest person when looking at his status in armies. He became the most famous figure in the army world and had more influence than I would have ever imagined.

I rejoined RPF in summer 2013 after looking at the current state of armies. The #1 Army (nachos) are/were ANTI CP, huge e-bullies/trolls & hacked/cheated to get ahead all while posting very well written professionally done propaganda to brainwash and control their misinformed troops. No army would stand up to them because all armies who tried ultimately died shortly after. My first few days back I was hearing horror stories about the Nachos and how they operate. They literally try to scare kids out of this community so they can retain complete power and control. Not a single force was capable to even challenge the Nachos. One of the top CP Army news sites (CPAC) was literally controlled by Nachos so they controlled how the people thought and used CPAC as a weapon to paint an image of a returning RPF as the bad guys so the majority of the people believed it. Except the few who actually looked at Nacho Site & RPF Site and formed their own opinion and don’t let others form opinions for them. CPAC destroyed RPFs image and a CPAC CEO even personally apologized to me a few weeks ago because he/they weren’t actually reading the post’s that Nacho supporters were writing. Remember the Nachos have been the dominant army for a few years now so 95-99% of the people still in armies joined after 2009. Much of history was lost in time or forgotten. The Nachos were able to dominate CP Armies and had the power to kill any army or individuals who stood up to them. Many RPF troops were scared out of this game due to threats/harassment from Nacho-Minded-People. People who earned high ranks in RPF and joined armies for the first time this summer were excessively bullied. Infact I was/still am the main target for everything. During the RPF/Nacho war myself and the entire or most of RPF leadership/online high ranks were all hit offline from DDoS attacks to keep our internets offline for 5 seconds to 30+ minutes. Several people had to get new routers since we were unable to fix it and our ISP’s said we had to get new routers for the internet to come back on. Also I consider anyone that doesn’t have the “rebel” mindset a Nacho. So in my book you’re either a Rebel Penguin or a Nacho. RPF was stomped on by what Commando & I figured were teams of people using followbot to crash all of the RPF events. RPF had a noticeable leap in a short amount of time since getting +5 at an event is considered good these days… So everyone noticed RPF had potential and was rising fast since my return and they would ruin our events. We stopped rising and stayed at a stand-still for about two weeks. It was very angering and Commando and I were certain that a specific leader in the Nachos was responsible or was involved in that. I was still new and didn’t know CPAC was all Nacho Supporters, I built a massive case with undeniable evidence in hopes of getting Nachos removed from top 10. That was before I knew CPAC were literally the Nachos and the mess was way bigger than I thought. I was now taking on the entire misled CP Army community. RPF had no help during the wars because our allies feared the Nachos greatly. I don’t blame them. Our enemies during the war did and tried every single possible thing you could think of in attempt to “getting rid” of us. The Nachos at first didn’t know who they were up against. I am Elmikey the first second in command of RPF, I did something amazing which greatly affected the entire future of cp armies. I did it six years ago and I did it again. I am honored to have been nominated to be put on the cpac legends page, sadly they only reviewed my summer accomplishments 2013 and I won the community vote for legend. Then they had a second vote for CPAC committee members only or something and I lost by one vote it was “like” 4/7 and 5/7 would have gotten it. I noticed that a few members on that committee were against RPF so they purposely voted against me. It is indeed remarkable that I managed to achieve that in only two months with no past experience in modern cp armies… Most of the people on this committee and the entire CP Army community except a few individuals who were here in 07 were unaware of my past accomplishments. RPF became the fastest growing CP Army instantly after I joined both times. We began to break records in 2007 and again after my 2013 return. Without a doubt I started something that went on to become what we all see and enjoy today no matter if your a hater or non-hater. I was just a kid back then. I’m older and wiser now so who knows what the future of CP Armies will become. But I do know that I recruited multiple individuals who currently hold a spot on the cpac’s legends page. My presence in CP Armies has made a major impact, in fact one of the greatest impacts an individual can make around here. I rose RPF from ground up when nobody thought it was possible. I took on the Nacho Empire during the Summer 2013. You can believe me or not but during the duration of that war I made sure that RPF wouldn’t retaliate and use unconventional “dirty” methods against our enemies as they were doing us to show and prove our strength to ourselves. The community all called us “liars” and worse when we’ve always been honest, I proved to the members of this great army that we can overcome anything as long as we all have the purpose of fighting the good fight. Our enemies did a very dirty trick and used the media (cpac) (where a majority of the peoples get information and form opinions) as a weapon to use against RPF and they used actual propaganda writers that and oh man their writings were so good I’d expect to see that from the real government… We did something courageous this summer and overcame what was probably the biggest challenge in army history. We succeeded. We did it before and we did it again. We will continue on until the end of time I returned from one of the longest retirements to restore and help fix CP Warfare. I played a big role in creating all of this and I’d be damned to watch it all fall apart because the people who were leading CP Armies were bad people. I wouldn’t sit here typing all of this if I didn’t care for CP Armies. I don’t care what army you are in when I re-joined I did it to help all of you. CP Armies stopped recruiting on CP in like 2008 which resulted in no more young troops to replace the ones that leave. Before I re-joined people thoughts armies were about to die, and they were. Many of the people of today may have joined when they were young but they’ve aged and become more mature and most of them are too inappropriate to be in Club Penguin armies. They needed to move on and they didn’t. As a result these guys just loiter on army chats ruining the atmosphere for everyone. And sadly since they’ve been here so long some lead influential armies and hold CP Armies back for everyone. I was nominated for 2013 legends and was only recognized for the accomplishments of summer 2013. Nobody even considered the fact that what I did in 2007 was just as challenging if not more… Although I didn’t have to deal with nearly as much, things like ddos, propaganda, a media that controls armies and more I know what I did before was a great challenge and it paved the way for a real future in armies. Nobody considered my 2007 accomplishments which outweighs many pioneer’s & legends career accomplishments. I made this post so I am never forgotten. I was forgotten in time after many years. I returned to put armies back on track, I plan to stay because I have a vision for all of us and I know if the entire community sticks together and really tries to learn from each-other and grow together we can make this something unimaginably awesome and continue to evolve and even move on into who-knows-what. All I know is that it’s going to be amazing! This is the first time in known human history that something like this exists. It is us that holds it together. It could all fall in one day or last a lifetime. We can learn from anything we see or hear and use new ideas to make CP Armies way better. Also my only army is and always will be RPF. Fight the good fight.

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https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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5 comments on “About Elmikey – Elm’s History & More! The Great Forgotten
  1. RebelForce says:

    I joined way after you rejoined and I just wanted to say that RPF has a leader they can be proud of.

  2. SirLoyalty(Kwi3) ~God of Supporting~ says:

    Wow , great post! Amazing , I actually read all of it!

  3. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    Despite what the media says Sir, We will always know that your true kind identity.

  4. Ultipenguinj says:

    Good to know.

  5. jediknight57 says:

    Elmikey, I know how you feel of people not being able to recognize your 2007 accomplishments. It has happened to me. You are a leader to be proud of, in fact, I think you’re the only leader who is good, All media may forget you, but I wont

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