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Hello RPF,

It is 78562cool back for another guide.  This week’s guide is all about being a great moderator.  This post will include do’s/don’ts of mods, along with pictures of Smilie Spam, Flooding, and Spam.  So you can identify each and respond accordingly.  To be an effective mod, I also suggest reading the chat rules located underneath the RPFVictory Chat.  These rules can also be seen below:


Click on image to get a bigger picture

Click on “Read More”

Lets begin with the do’s of being a moderator.


  • Kick For Smilie Spam, Spam, and Flooding.  An example of each of these can be found below. Each person gets 2 chances to stop.  First and second warnings result in a kick.  3rd offense results in a short ban.

Click on images for a large picture.


Example of a flood

Smilie spam

Example of Smilie Spam


Example of spam

  • Ban for cussing/being inappropriate.  These can result in bans up to 6 hours based on the severity of the offense.
  • Ban spies.  During an event, if you see a spy, ban intermediately and report to leader/owner.
  • Ban those who advertise on the RPFVictory chat.  This includes links to other armies’ chats.  *Disclaimer*  Do not ban if it is RPF related chats.  These chats include division chats and the RPFBC chat.
  • Membering guests.   Only member a guest with an ID.  An example of a person with an ID can be found below.


  • Taking control of the chat.  If there are members fighting in the main chat, issue a warning to all offenders.  Then follow up on that warning if they continue to fight/argue.  Those who are fighting will typically stop fighting after you issue the warning.
  • Kicking for negativity towards RPF.
  • PCing new recruits and welcoming them to RPF.  Explain to them what we are and how to join, and emphasize to them to come back to the RPF chat.  The recruits don’t do us any good if they never return!
  • Kick/Ban those who are harassing other RPF soldiers.  The severity of the situation correlates to the decision of whether to ban or kick.
  • Always keep your cool.  If you get stressed out, you won’t be able to enforce the rules.
  • Always repeat tactics and room changes during events.  It allows people who may have missed the message to catch up and act accordingly.

And know for the Don’ts: 

  • Don’t go “AFK”  Away From Keyboard while on the chat.  If you aren’t on your computer, you can’t do your job of moderating the chat.
  • Don’t ignore issues in the chat.  If you see something, react accordingly.
  • Never break a rule that you are enforcing.
  • Never abuse.  Don’t kick/ban unless it is needed.  This will lead to you being un-modded.
  • Never harass other RPF soldiers.
  • Don’t set a bad example for the other RPF soldiers.  They are looking up to you to see how they should act.
  • Always log on the when the leaders tell you the first time.  When you are online you are able to help position other members of RPF.

Well that is all for this week!  I hope this helps out.   As you are modded, I suggest reading this.  It will help to adjust to the new rank.

Comment your opinions of this guide, was it helpful?


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11 comments on “Moderator Guide
  1. SirLoyalty(Kwi3) ~God of Supporting~ says:

    Fantastic! All new Mods should keep that in mind. Even Members 😉

  2. Ultipenguinj says:

    COOOOL, cool. Heh heh, no pun intended.

  3. crose003 says:

    i’m not a mod but i liked this so i could see what spam and flooding is. i did that once not knowing it was bad and i got kicked 😦

  4. St Ransor says:

    Good new rules! 🙂

  5. Abhinav54321 says:

    A Perfect Guide for all the newest mods!!!
    Even members should learn by seeing this so that they know doing what could get them kicked or banned!!

  6. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    LOL! I coded those rules. I completely agree, great post Cool 🙂

  7. RebelForce says:

    This was an awesome post!! I read it even though I’m not a moderator but when I be one, I’ll be sure to follow your advice!

  8. Ninja85456 says:

    i already knew this,but its good for members who dont know the rules,and how to be mod when they get it

  9. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    Nice post for new mods and/or mods that dont follow rules properly !

  10. ★||»ʟᴏʀᴅ ɴɪᴄωɪɴ«||★ says:

    Nice post this will help moderators!

  11. Aai123 says:

    I read it even though im not MOD but i read it because if i be mod i will find this helful so i hope you make me MOD waddle on RPF

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